On Sunday, October 30, 1994, at 1720 central standard time a Cessna 150 airplane, N5962T, collided with parked aircraft while landing at Farrington Airport near Paducah Kentucky. The certified flight instructor (CFI) and student pilot were uninjured. The airplane received substantial damage. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The airplane, being flown on an instructional flight was operated by Farrington Aircraft Corporation under 14 CFR 91.

The flight was conducted as practice for short field takeoff and landings. The CFI and student pilot had completed four short field takeoff's. The forth landing proceeded normally with flaps set at 40 degrees and an approach speed of 58 mph. The CFI stated that at 200-300 feet agl the airplane was below the glide path and that he added power. The CFI further noted that 100 feet from the threshold the airplane was about 15 feet agl with an indicated airspeed of 55 mph. The CFI stated that upon flaring the airplane the left wing began to dip. He then stated that he took control of the airplane and simultaneously added full right aileron, deflected the rudder and added power. The airplane did not respond and landed with a heading about 35 degrees left of the runway azimuth. The airplane continued off the runway through a shallow ditch and collided with two parked airplanes.

According to a Federal Aviation Administration safety inspector "inspection of the cable connections to the ailerons revealed them to be connected, but slack due to the bent wings." The safety inspector further stated "A review of the aircraft records indicate N5962T was airworthy."

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