On September 10, 1994, approximately 1400 mountain daylight time (MDT), an I.C.A. Brasou IS-28B2 glider, N28KG, collided with a pole after running off the side of the runway during the landing roll at Gallatin Field, Bozeman, Montana. The student pilot was not injured, but the aircraft sustained substantial damage. The FAR Part 91 solo instructional flight, which was being operated in visual meteorological conditions, had departed the same location about 20 minutes prior to the accident. No flight plan had been filed, and there was no report of an ELT activation.

According to the FAA inspector who reported the accident to the NTSB, the student pilot, who was landing in an eight knot crosswind, was unable to maintain directional control of the aircraft as it began to slow during the landing roll. As the aircraft began to drift off the runway, the pilot attempted remedial action, but the aircraft ran off the side of the runway and impacted the pole upon which the wind-sock hung.

The accident, which took place on September 10, was reported to the NTSB on September 20.

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