On September 8, 1994, at 0600 Pacific daylight time, a Canadair CL600, N403SW, collided with a tug after pushback at the Burbank Airport, Burbank, California. N403SW was operating as Skywest Airlines flight 5967, a scheduled domestic passenger flight to Salt Lake City, Utah. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The aircraft sustained substantial damage. There were no injuries to the 33 passengers, 3 crewmembers, and 4 ground personnel.

In the Skywest Airlines Ground Accident Report, ground personnel reported that after pushback they gave the pilots hand signals to set the parking brake. Headsets were not made available for communication with the flightcrew and the light condition was dark. After giving the brake signal twice, the tow bar was disconnected. The airplane rolled forward and impacted the tug. The tug operator reported that the pilots were not clearly visible because of glare from the cockpit window and poor lighting.

The pilots stated in the report that they were monitoring engine indications following the completion of engine start. They did not see the tug operator's brake signal. No signal to disconnect was given by the captain or first officer.

According to Skywest Airlines Regional Jet Pushback Procedures, dated April 1, 1994: "Ground crew interphone will be used for all ground/cockpit communications. If the interphone is inoperative, hand signals will be used. Once pushback has ceased, the ground crew will instruct the crew over the interphone or by hand signals to set the parking brake. Once the tow bar and interphone cable has been disconnected, the torque link reconnected, and the tug and towbar are at a safe distance, the ground crew will signal with a departure salute that the aircraft is clear to taxi. The captain will acknowledge by returning the salute."

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