On September 19, 1994, at 1850 central daylight time, a Cessna 150, N1105Y, sustained substantial damage during an aborted takeoff from a private airstrip in Lansing, Kansas. The private pilot reported no injuries. The 14 CFR Part 91 local flight operated in visual meteorological conditions without flight plan.

The pilot stated he taxied the airplane to the north end of the grass runway in preparation for takeoff. Once at the end of the runway, he performed an engine run up and stated all checks were normal. Ready to takeoff, he applied full throttle. The pilot reported, "The did not seem to be accelerating properly I pulled back on the yoke to fly in ground effect and checked the speed which was 40 mph." When the airplane reached a predetermined point on the runway, he decided to abort the takeoff. He pulled the throttle to idle and the airplane immediately veered hard to the left. The airplane skidded sideways along the left side of the runway before coming to rest.

A postaccident examination of the airplane's engine was performed by an FAA inspector. The engine was successfully started and run up to 1900 RPM without incident. The engine was not run up to a higher RPM due to the extent of damage to the airplane. No mechanical anomalies were observed. Flight control integrity was confirmed.

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