On August 6, 1994 at about 1315 eastern daylight time, N3441E, an Aeronca 11AC airplane, a personal flight, collided with the ground, at Schuylerville, New York. Visual meteorological conditions existed. The pilot was seriously injured. The passenger received minor injuries. The airplane was substantially damaged. The local flight was operated under 14 CFR Part 91.

According to the pilot, "I did one "go-around" due to boat traffic; returned to downwind leg (600' MSL, 500 feet above river elevation) checked for air traffic in preparation of turning left base, sensed a slight "sinking" sensation. (Airspeed 70-75 indicated), advanced the throttle and relaxed a little back pressure on wheel. That is all I am able to recall at this time."

The passenger stated "turn seemed normal, I wasn't watching the altimeter, but as Zene completed the turn and leveled the aircraft I could feel a slight drop in altitude. We were now heading south and downwind when I sensed we were now descending rapidly. At this point I took the co-pilot's yoke in my hands and started to pull back on the yoke to aptest the decent. I could feel Zene also pulling back on the yoke. The aircraft's nose then came up and I released the yoke. Even when the nose came up it felt like the airplane was not flying, but was falling. The plane then turned to the right and it felt like the nose was coming up again and then the airplane crashed."

The post-examination of the aircraft revealed flight control continuity. The pilot reported no mechanical malfunction.

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