On August 5, 1994 at about 2130 eastern daylight time, N119RJ, a Beech 58P airplane, a personal flight, overran runway 22 during landing, at State Airport, Newport, Rhode Island. Visual meteorological conditions existed. The pilot and one passenger were not injured. One passenger received minor injuries. The airplane was substantially damaged. The departure point was Peoria, Illinois. The flight was operated under 14 CFR Part 91.

According to the pilot, "Visual contact with the runway was made at approximately 1000 feet, 4 miles from the runway. I cancelled IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) with Providence approach at this time. Landing was made approximately 1000 feet down the runway. Braking action due to rain was nil. The touchdown was made downwind which caused higher than normal ground speed. The plane proceeded off the far end of the runway and traveled to a stop 175 yards from the end on runway 22."

The FAA Investigation revealed the aircraft over-ran the runway by 150 yards traveled through and up over a ditch, hit three approach lights and came to rest 10 yards from the airport localizer.

The landing information in the Beechcraft, 58P, Airplane Flight Manual was reviewed. Based on a flap setting of 30 degrees and a 10 knot tailwind the computed landing distance was at minimum 2,500 feet.

The pilot indicated no mechanical malfunctions. He also stated that this accident could have been prevented by circling to land on runway 4.

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