On July 25, 1994, at 1415 central daylight time, a Cessna T210M, N823RH, was substantially damaged during a forced landing at Tyler, Texas. The owner/operator/private pilot sustained serious injuries. Weather for the 14 CFR 91 flight was visual meteorological conditions.

During the medical evacuation the pilot reported to the ambulance crew that the engine lost power during the initial climb. Witnesses observed the airplane on takeoff, at approximately 500 feet AGL, turn back toward the departure runway.

It was reported by a local fixed base operator who had performed maintenance on the aircraft that the fuel level was low after the maintenance was completed. The mechanic further stated that he advised the owner of the fuel situation. An inspection at the scene, within one minute of the accident, by the local fire department revealed no fuel spillage or fuel tank ruptures. An examination of the aircraft by a Federal Aviation Administration inspector revealed no fuel in the right tank and less than one gallon of fuel in the left tank. The fuel selector was found to be in the right tank position. A check of the refueling operations disclosed no records of the pilot purchasing fuel.

The aircraft was released to the owner.

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