On July 11, 1994, at 1652 GMT, a F-100F, N414FS, operated by Tracor Flight Systems Inc., collided with terrain during cruise flight at Cuxhaven, Germany. The commercial pilot received fatal injuries. The airplane was destroyed. The flight originated at Wittmund Air Base in the Federal Republic of Germany at 1515 local. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and a military VFR flight plan was filed. The local business flight was operated under 14 CFR Part 91.

The General Manager of Flight Operations for Tracor Systems Inc. stated, "Subject aircraft entered a 30-45 degree bank right turn while maintaining relative position with the formation. In the turn the nose of the aircraft was... nose low, and remained that way until just before impact. Impact occurred at 15:52 local time slightly right wing low with a slight nose up resulting in the tail impacting first."

The General Manager stated a witness reported "...that the aircraft operator became distracted with maintaining his relative position in the formation coupled with some dis- orientation caused by an obscure horizon due to haze and lack of contrast between the water and land."

Initial examination of the airplane did not disclose any anomalies.

This accident is being investigated by the Office of the Inspector of Accidents in Braunschweig Germany at: Chief Inspector of Accidents Flugunfallunterschungstelle beim Luftfahrt-Bunesamt Postfach 3054 D-3300 Braunscweig, Germany

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