On June 19, 1994, at 1130 mountain daylight time, a homebuilt Varieze, N111DR, struck power lines while conducting a forced landing due to a loss of power 2 miles west of Fort Lupton, Colorado. The pilot sustained serious injuries and his passenger minor injuries. The aircraft was destroyed. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed.

The flight departed Olathe Kansas, at 0800 with an intended destination of Longmont, Colorado.

According to the pilot, he was in cruise flight when the engine lost oil pressure and a total loss of power occurred. He said he attempted to land on a highway but struck a power line during approach.

Examination of the engine provided evidence of a large piece of paper towel appearing material in the oil sump. This piece of material had plugged the oil pick up resulting in oil starvation to the engine.

Available information indicates the engine had maintenance performed on a cylinder a short time prior to this trip and that the piece of material may have been introduced into the engine at that time.

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