On June 29, 1994, about 1615 eastern daylight time, a Schweizer 2-33 glider, N65807, being flown as an instructional flight collided with terrain while on approach to runway 26 at the Waynesville Airport near Waynesville, Ohio. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The certified flight instructor and his student were not injured. The glider sustained substantial damage. The flight was being operated by the Caesar Creek Soaring Club of Waynesville, Ohio under 14 CFR 91.

According to a Federal Aviation Administration aviation safety inspector the certified flight instructor(CFI) reported that the flight departed Caesar Creek Gliderport to conduct thermal training. Due to the presence of downdrafts the CFI diverted the flight to the Waynesville Airport. During the approach the CFI realized that the glider lacked sufficient altitude to land on the runway. The CFI reported that he took over the controls from the student and made a right turn. The CFI stated that during the turn the "...R[ight] wing dragged weeds causing hard R[ight] yaw and the nose to hit the ground."

A postaccident inspection of the glider revealed that the right wing was sheared off near the midway point and the left wing and nose cone were dented.

The pilot stated this accident could have been avoided if he had chosen an alternate landing site sooner.

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