On June 18, 1994, at 0940 eastern daylight time, N7825P, a Piper PA-24-250 collided with a fence on landing following a power-off forced landing at Forest Hill, Maryland. The forced landing was precipitated by a loss of engine power during climb out. The certificated private pilot was not injured and the airplane sustained substantial damage. The personal flight was being operated under 14 CFR 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan was filed.

The pilot stated that during climb out at 1200 feet MSL, the engine, "began to sputter." He stated that he tried switching fuel tanks, checking the magnetos and the electric fuel pump, but all were unsuccessful. He stated that he tried to return to the airport, but due to insufficient altitude he made a forced landing in a field. During the landing the aircraft struck a fence.

The airplane was examined after the accident by the FAA. The examination included checking the compression of the cylinders, taking fuel samples and obtaining ignition from the magnetos. There was no evidence of mechanical malfunction noted that would have precluded operation.

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