On May 17, 1994, about 1549 eastern standard time, a Aerosport Inc., Scamp WT-B1, N8490, registered to Gary I. Barnett, operating as a 14 CFR Part 91 personal flight, crashed while maneuvering in the vicinity of Lake Wales, Florida. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The airplane was destroyed and the commercial pilot sustained minor injuries. The flight originated from River Ranch Resort about 5 minutes before the accident.

Mr. Robert J. Warren, stated he purchased the airplane in February 1993, and had not registered it with the FAA. He sold the airplane to the injured pilot on the day of the accident. The airplane had been flown once since he purchased it from the registered owner currently on file with the FAA. He and the new owner added fuel to the airplane, and towed it to runway 34. The new owner wanted to do some high speed taxis on the runway. He started the airplane and took off. Mr. Warren stated he observed the airplane make a right turn out and climb to about 150 feet agl, the airplane was observed to reverse course and fly back towards the airport. Mr. Warren stated he was walking back to his golf cart when he heard a thud. He looked for the airplane and didn't see it and went over to the security gate and informed them of a possible airplane crash. They drove over to the approach end of runway 16 and saw the airplane and the pilot standing beside it. Upon their arrival the injured pilot asked them if he had taken off and if he had landed the airplane. He then asked them if he had stalled the airplane. Emergency personnel arrived and the injured pilot was transported to the hospital.

The pilot stated in the NTSB Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident Report that after making a crosswind turn the engine quit, and then came back alive, but at partial power. He then stalled the airplane while maneuvering in the forced landing.

Examination of the airplane wreckage by the FAA revealed no evidence of precrash mechanical failure of the engine assembly.

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