On May 23, 1994, at 0900 mountain standard time, a Cessna 172N, N1422E, was substantially damaged during a forced landing near Page, Arizona. The commercial pilot and one passenger were not injured, while a second passenger sustained minor injuries. The airplane was owned and operated by Scenic Airlines Inc., of Page, Arizona, a 14 CFR Part 135 operator. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the local sightseeing flight.

According to the operator, the flight departed at 0735 for a tour that would include Monument Valley. During the return flight, while at 8,500 feet MSL, approximately 15 miles from the airport, the pilot made a power reduction to establish a 500 feet per minute rate of descent. After descending approximately 1,000 feet, a total loss of engine power occurred.

The pilot went through the emergency procedures but was not able to restart the engine. The pilot stated that he briefed the passengers for the impending forced landing, as he proceeded to the selected forced landing area.

The aircraft landed on a sandy hill with a 20 to 30 degree slope. The pilot reported that the airplane bounced several times during the touchdown and landing roll sequence. After the nose gear broke and dug into the sand, the airplane nosed over, coming to rest in the inverted position.

A detailed examination of the engine and its accessories, as well as a satisfactory engine test run, were completed by the operator. No anomalies were found that could have contributed to the loss of engine power. A detailed report is enclosed.

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