On May 26, 1994, at 0940 central daylight time, a Cessna 172N, N73846, collided with trees and a mobile home during a go- around at a private airstrip in Hartford, Alabama. The flight instructor and his dual student were not injured. The aircraft was substantially damaged. The aircraft was operated under 14 CFR Part 91 by Jerry P. Holman of Hartford. Visual meteorological conditions existed at the time, and no flight plan was filed for the instructional flight. The flight originated in Crestview, Florida, at 0855.

The instructor reported that on short final for landing, a gust of wind was encountered, which resulted in a drift to the right. The non-rated student pilot was at the controls during the approach. Full power was added, and a go-around was initiated by the instructor. During the go-around, the right wing tip contacted trees. Control of the aircraft was lost, and the aircraft collided with the roof of a mobile home, which was located adjacent to the runway.

The weather observation facility at Ozark, Alabama (about 21 miles northeast of the accident site), reported surface winds from 250 degrees, at 11 knots, with gusts to 16 knots. The observation was recorded about 15 minutes after the time of the accident. While in the traffic pattern at Hartford, both pilots observed the wind sock indicating variable wind directions, and the sock was "straight out."

An inspector from the Federal Aviation Administration reported that the approach path to the runway from the east is through a very narrow gap in the trees. He reported that landing further down the runway would have offered more room (for maneuvering).

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