On May 29, 1994, at 1154 Alaska daylight time, a wheel equipped Cessna 185F, ground-looped on takeoff at Fairbanks International Airport, Alaska. The commercial pilot and his passenger were departing on a VFR flight plan in visual meteorological conditions to Bettles, Alaska when the accident occurred. Neither were injured, however the airplane was substantially damaged. The flight was conducted under 14 CFR Part 91 for personal reasons.

The pilot described a ground loop that began at the start of his takeoff roll, continued out of control to the left, despite hard braking on the right, and ended with substantial damage to the left wing and the loss of the main gear.

Fairbanks weather observation for the time of the accident included high broken clouds, a visibility of 100 statute miles and a wind of 290 degrees at 5 knots.

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