On April 25, 1994, at 0957 hours eastern daylight time, N11522, a Cessna 150, operated by the owner/pilot, impacted tress during an uncontrolled descent and was destroyed. The uncontrolled descent occurred while climbing during a go-around attempt at the Clearview Airpark, Westminster, Maryland. The certificated private pilot, the sole occupant, received minor injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a flight plan was not filed. The personal flight originated from York, Pennsylvania, about 0900 hours and was conducted under 14 CFR 91.

The pilot, age 74, stated that during the first approach to runway 31, he encountered a "strong crosswind" from the right and decided to go around. During the second approach, he attempted to correct for the crosswind, and was "surprised" by a gust of wind. He stated "I took - too late - the decision to go around again. At this moment I was too low, too slow over the woods and stalled."

According to an FAA aviation safety inspector, the airplane impacted trees on the south side of the runway. No mechanical malfunctions were reported.

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