On April 15, 1994, at 1745 eastern daylight time, N84409, an Aeronca 7AC, collided with trees during an aborted landing at Beverly Airport, Beverly, Massachusetts. The certificated flight instructor, the sole occupant, was seriously injured and the airplane was destroyed. The airplane was being operated under 14 CFR 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a flight plan was not filed.

The pilot stated that he was taxiing fast on taxiway bravo when he got a "cramp in his right leg." The pilot reported that the airplane started to veer off the taxiway onto the soft shoulder. He stated that he decided to takeoff from the taxiway rather that nose over in the soft shoulder. He reported that after takeoff he made a 270 degree low turn low over the trees, and he tried to return for a landing on the same taxiway as he was unsure if anyone was landing on the runway. During the landing he overshot the taxiway, and he tried to go-around, but the airplane stalled and impacted the trees.

An FAA Aviation Safety Inspector examined the airplane after the accident and reported that there were no anomalies noted. The pilot reported that there was no mechanical malfunction, and the accident could have been prevented if he does not do any "more wheel taxiing."

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