On April 23, 1994, at 1645 central daylight time, a Cessna 182J, N2945F, collided with the ground during a forced landing near Athens, Alabama. The personal flight operated under 14 CFR Part 91 with no flight plan filed. Visual weather conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The airplane sustained substantial damage; the pilot received minor injuries. The flight departed Meridianville, Alabama, at 1605 hours.

While flying at 2000 feet msl (mean sea level), the pilot experienced an engine overspeed condition, followed by a loss of engine oil pressure. After attempts to restore full power and oil pressure, the pilot shut the engine down, and selected an emergency landing area; the airplane was damaged during the emergency landing in a rough field. According to the pilot/owner, the aircraft engine was rebuilt about six flight hours before the accident.

Examination of the engine assembly disclosed that the oil dilution plug was missing; the plug was not located. According to a service bulletin issued in June of 1958; "to insure against this plug loosening and thereby causing an air leak at the inlet passage to the oil pump it is recommenced that the plug be immediately checked for tightness". The service bulletin also recommend the replacement and safety wiring of the new plug. This service bulletin was not accomplished on this engine.

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