On February 7, 1994, at 1545 hours Pacific standard time, a Cessna 340A, N1362C, exited the right side of runway 32 and collided with a snow bank at Dunsmuir Airport, Dunsmuir, California. The pilot was conducting a visual flight rules business flight to Roseburg, Oregon. The airplane, registered to and operated by Paw Management, Inc., Idleyld Park, Oregon, sustained substantial damage. The certificated private pilot, the sole occupant, was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The flight originated at Red Bluff Municipal Airport, Red Bluff, California, at 1400 hours.

The pilot reported this accident by telephone to the National Transportation Safety Board on February 23, 1994. He said that he initially assessed the damage as minor; however, further inspection of the airplane by a mechanic revealed major structural damage to the right wing and right side of the fuselage.

When the pilot reported this accident, he said that during the landing roll the left brake failed. The right brake operated properly, but the airplane pivoted about 120 degrees to the right, exited the runway, and subsequently collided with a snow bank. He said that the left brake pads and "O" rings had been replaced by an airframe and powerplant mechanic at Red Bluff Airport within 6 flight hours preceding the accident.

The pilot submitted the required Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident Report, NTSB Form 6120.1/2, to the Safety Board, Southwest Regional Office. He said that bad weather prevented him from proceeding to Roseburg, Oregon. When the flight reached Dunsmuir, visual meteorological conditions prevailed and he elected to land.

He also reiterated his telephone statement in the report. He added, however, that he pumped the left brake pedal several times to get some braking action, but without success. The pilot maintained directional control by intermittently using the right brake and the flight controls.

When the airplane approached the end of the runway at 30 miles per hour, the pilot elected to use heavy right braking to stop the airplane before it exited the end of the runway. The airplane pivoted to the right, exited the right side of the runway, and collided with the snow bank.

Mr. Daniel Herlihy, Herlihy Enterprises, Dunsmuir, California, an airplane maintenance facility, called the Safety Board on June 14, 1994. He said that he repaired the airplane and during the repair he found the left brake reservoir empty. He also said that the reservoir and its associated lines to the left brake system did not leak. Other than filling the left brake reservoir, he did not effect any repairs on the airplane's brake system.

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