On Thursday, February 24, 1994, about 0640 hours central standard time, a Beech BE-400 airplane, N8279G, piloted by Stephen C. Berry, collided with the terrain during landing at Cuyahoga County Airport near Cleveland, Ohio. The certificated airline transport pilot and co-pilot and their four passengers were not injured. The airplane received substantial damage. The airplane, being flown on a sales demonstration/business flight, was operated by Beechcraft Sales - South, Incorporated of Wichita, Kansas. The flight originated in Finely, Ohio at 0600 eastern standard time and was arriving at its destination when the accident occurred. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and an instrument flight rules flight plan was filed.

The flight crew reported they were executing an instrument landing system (ILS) approach to runway 23 at Cuyahoga County Airport. They reported "breaking out" at 1,800 feet above ground level. The pilot-in-command stated "After entering VFR conditions no runway lights were observed. The co-pilot attempted to turn on the lights by keying the VHF transmitter." They further reported that they continued the approach for landing and had the VASI lights in sight. Runway 23 does not have a VASI, but it has an approach lighting system. They said that they realized they were not going to land on the runway, but it was too late to execute a go-around. The airplane impacted a grass area between runway 23 and taxiway Alpha.

FAA safety inspectors examined the airplane cockpit and found the co-pilot's radio tuning unit to exhibit the frequency of 121.8 in the COM 1 position and 122.8 in the preselect. U.S. Terminal Procedures effective January 6, 1994, to March 3, 1994, designates, 118.5 as the Common Traffic Advisory Frequency, 122.95 as Unicom, and 121.8 as ground control. The Cuyahoga County airport manager was telephonically interviewed and stated he was unaware of any malfunctions or problems with the lighting system and confirmed the above frequencies.

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