On February 11, 1994, at 1035 eastern standard time, a Boeing DHC-8-103, N882CC, operating as CCAIR Flight 8420, encountered turbulence during an instrument approach to the Charlotte/ Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, North Carolina. The scheduled, domestic, passenger flight operated under 14 CFR Part 121 with a valid instrument approach clearance. Instrument weather conditions prevailed at the time of the incident. The airplane was not damaged and one passenger and the flight attendant sustained minor injuries. The scheduled flight departed Montgomery, Alabama, at 0830 central standard time.

According to the captain, he descended to 9000 feet, the assigned altitude for the approach. During the descent he instructed the flight attendant to prepare the cabin for landing and to be seated; he also turned on the fasten seat belt sign. About thirty eight miles from Charlotte, the flight entered an area of convective activity. While the flight attendant continued with her duties, the airplane entered an area of precipitation turbulence which threw the attendant up to the ceiling of the airplane and back to the floor. The flight attendant was assisted to a seat and remained there until the airplane landed.

A review of the airline's operating procedures disclosed that the flight crew operated within normal procedures.

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