On January 27, 1994, at 2130 central standard time, a Cessna 310R, N3844C, and a Beech E18S, N2069C, collided while taxiing at the Memphis International Airport in Memphis, Tennessee. The airline transport pilot of N3844C and the commercial pilot of N2069C were not injured. There was substantial damage to N3844C; the damage to N2069C was minor. N3844C was operated by RAS, Inc., and N2069C was operated by Springdale Air Service, Inc. N3844C was operating under 14 CFR Part 135 at the time of the accident, while N2069C was operating under 14 CFR Part 91. Night, visual meteorological conditions existed at the time of the accident. The flight of N3844C originated in Meridian, Mississippi, at 2020. N2069C was repositioning on the airfield after unloading cargo.

The pilot of the Cessna 310R, N3844C, reported the following: He requested to land long on Runway 36, which was approved by Memphis Tower. After landing, he was instructed to taxi to the end of the runway, then taxi to the ramp (AMR Combs Ramp), while remaining on the tower frequency. He taxied clear of the runway and proceeded toward the AMR South ramp. He observed a Beech Baron coming out of the ramp area, and turned slightly to the right. He then slowed the aircraft and began looking for a ramp lineman. As he was taxiing into the ramp area, he felt the aircraft shake, and heard a loud noise. He turned around and saw the Beech 18 (N2069C) at his 7 to 8 o'clock position.

The pilot of the Beech E18S, N2069C, reported the following: After unloading cargo, he called Memphis Ground Control and requested to taxi from the United Parcel Service Ramp to AMR Combs South Ramp. He was cleared to reposition as requested. While taxiing north on Taxiway Charley, he observed a Cessna 310 on landing roll, runway 36. The ground controller then directed him to give way to the Cessna 310, and that the ground controller was not talking to him (The Cessna 310). He then stopped and waited while the Cessna exited the runway. He then observed the Cessna taxi to the north, as if he was going to the AMR North ramp. When he thought the Cessna was taxiing to the north of his position, he turned west and proceeded into the AMR South ramp area. He observed a marshaller directly in front of him, who waved him to the north, and another marshaller began running northward across the ramp. He then turned about 45 degrees to the right, and slowed his taxi speed to allow the second marshaller to reach his parking spot. As the marshaller set up to direct him in, the Cessna "taxied through my right prop, striking the left wing tip."

One of the two AMR Combs marshallers reported that the Cessna was taxiing toward him at 3 to 5 miles per hour, when the Beech 18 hit the Cessna about 30 feet short of the ramp, while still on Taxiway Charley. The impact was to the left wing, and the left horizontal stabilizer of the Cessna. He stated that he did not see the Beech until the moment of impact, because the Beech "didn't have any lights on." After the impact, the Cessna continued toward him and was parked, while the Beech stopped at the location of impact.

The other marshaller saw the Cessna coming from the far runway, and thought that it was the Beech 18. She reported that "The Beech 18 just kept going into the back of it (the Cessna)." She reported that the Beech did not have any external lights on, only the strobe light, and that she did not see him (the Beech) until it was too late.

The pilot of the Beech E18S reported to an airport policeman that he did not see the Cessna just prior to the impact.

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