On February 28, 1999, at 1123 central standard time, a Monocoupe 90A airplane, N11760, was substantially damaged when the left main landing gear collapsed during landing roll at Hicks Airfield near Fort Worth, Texas. The airplane was registered to and operated by Paisano, Inc., of Wilmington, Delaware. The airline transport rated pilot and his passenger were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed for the 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 local personal flight.

The pilot reported that a "normal landing and rollout was accomplished" on runway 14. As he began to "look upfield for runway turnoff," the right wing of the tailwheel-equipped airplane lifted, and the right main landing gear came off the ground. The application of full right aileron had no effect "due to calm winds and aircraft being slowed down." The left gear collapsed, and the left wing tip contacted the runway. The pilot stated that the aircraft "never departed heading."

The Tarrant County Sheriff's Department dispatched two deputies to the accident. One of the deputies reported that he arrived at the airport at 1131 and observed "10 to 13 men" gathered around the airplane, which was located in the grassy area west of the runway. According to the deputy, the airplane was "facing a northwest direction with its left landing gear bent up underneath it and the left wing on the ground." The other deputy reported that when he arrived at the airport, he observed "several individuals attempting to move the plane." He further reported that he requested the men leave the airplane where it was until permission was given by the FAA to move it. According to the deputy, one of the men told him "they had already moved the plane from the runway to its present location." The men then moved the airplane to a hangar at the airport. The deputy stated that "after the plane had already been removed," the FAA "did authorize the plane to be moved."

After the airplane was moved, an FAA inspector examined and photographed the airplane and the runway. Review of the inspector's photographs by the NTSB investigator-in-charge revealed that the airplane's left wing was bent upward, and the left main landing gear was folded under the fuselage. The outboard surface of the left main wheel cover and the lower surface of the left wing outboard of the lift strut were scraped and scratched. Skid marks and scrapes were visible approximately midfield on the runway leading from the centerline off the west edge of the asphalt.

At 1053 and 1153, the reported winds at Fort Worth Meacham International Airport, located 6 nautical miles south of the accident site, were from 230 degrees at 7 knots and variable at 4 knots, respectively. At 1053 and 1153, the reported winds at Fort Worth Alliance Airport, located 5 nautical miles northeast of the accident site, were from 230 degrees at 9 knots and calm, respectively.

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