National Transportation Safety Board -- Jul 2006 Aviation Accidents

Report(s) Status
Probable Cause Released Location Make / Model Regist. Number NTSB No. Event Severity Type of Air Carrier Operation and Carrier Name (Doing Business As)
Saturday, July 01, 2006
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 St. Augustine, FL American Legend Aircraft Co. AL-3 N7999 ANC06CA082 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Gustavus, AK Beech P35 N8690M ANC06LA084 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Ringgold, GA Cessna 172H N8084L ATL06LA099 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/30/2007) 08/30/2007 Clear Lake, MN Cessna A185E N1972U CHI06LA175 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/03/2006) 10/03/2006 Burnett, TX Cessna 172L N7943G DFW06CA174 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/28/2008) 02/28/2008 Somis, CA Raytheon Aircraft Company A36 N615M LAX06FA222 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Toms River, NJ Bellanca 7GCBC N50619 NYC06LA167 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Davenport, WA Taylor Royal T N2554 SEA06LA134 Fatal(3)
Sunday, July 02, 2006
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Anchorage, AK Cessna 180 N2868K ANC06CA083 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Willow, AK Kennedy Chinook Plus 2 N9077M ANC06LA087 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/03/2006) 10/03/2006 Hertford, NC Nickel Acro II N6N ATL06CA100 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Owasso, OK Cessna 180K N1SE DFW06FA173 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Mansfield, MA Liberty Aerospace Inc. XL2 N771SF NYC06CA168 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 Sturgis, KY North American Navion N91686 NYC06LA165 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Brewster, WA Nanchang China CJ-6 N8120H SEA06LA133 Nonfatal
Monday, July 03, 2006
Probable Cause (10/03/2006) 10/03/2006 Jefferson City, MO Piper PA-28-161 N43060 CHI06CA180 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Montrose, CO Beech A36TC N1800Z DEN06FA091 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (10/03/2006) 10/03/2006 Dorris, CA Piper PA28-181 N6413C LAX06CA223 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Monticello, KY Buckeye Dream Machine NONE NYC06LA171 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Great Falls, MT Cessna 195 N6857D SEA06CA132 Nonfatal
Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Foreign (07/25/2006) Toyota, Japan Boeing MD-81 DCA06WA057 Incident
Probable Cause (10/03/2006) 10/03/2006 Jackson, WY Flaglor High Tow N19BB DEN06CA092 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/03/2006) 10/03/2006 Petersburg, WV Bell 47G-2 N6738D NYC06CA173 Nonfatal
Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 San Antonio, TX Cessna C340A N2745F DFW06CA175 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/28/2008) 02/28/2008 Novato, CA Cessna 210K N12PF LAX06LA225 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Block Island, RI Piper PA-28R-200 N5012S NYC06FA169 Fatal(3)
Thursday, July 06, 2006
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Skwentna, AK Piper PA-18-180 N9488D ANC06CA085 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/29/2007) 05/29/2007 Manley Hot Spng, AK Piper PA-28 N9026W ANC06FA089 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Jackson, MI Cessna 182A N4780D CHI06CA176 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Pontiac, IL Cessna T210G N6900R CHI06CA177 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Watervliet, MI Aviat A-1 N70HU CHI06CA179 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Berlin, IL Moon Rans S-14 N43293 CHI06LA178 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/03/2006) 10/03/2006 Saratoga, WY Cessna 305A N542EZ DEN06CA093 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Groveland, CA Barnard RV-6 N157ST LAX06CA226 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Medford, OR Hughes 369A N72LB SEA06CA137 Nonfatal
Friday, July 07, 2006
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Milledgeville, GA Cessna 182M N71471 ATL06LA101 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Sullivan, IL Cessna 172K N7349G CHI06CA185 Nonfatal
Foreign (07/25/2006) Stansted, United Kingdom Boeing 737-300 DCA06WA054 Incident
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Masonville, CO Airbus A319-131 N839UA DEN06LA095 Nonfatal SCHD United Airlines
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Denver City, TX Cessna 210A N9419X DFW06CA176 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Downsville, TX Cessna 180 N9260C DFW06CA178 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Kihei, HI Hughes 369D N611WA LAX06CA227 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/21/2010) 07/25/2007 Charlotte, VT Chevrier, Armand J-3K N43432 NYC06LA129 Nonfatal Part 91: General Aviation
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Grantsville, UT Piper PA-32-300 N56824 SEA06LA141 Nonfatal
Saturday, July 08, 2006
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Fairbanks, AK Piper PA-31 N41185 ANC06LA093 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Birmingham, AL Cessna 182H N3479S ATL06CA104 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Suches, GA Piper PA-32-260 N3380W ATL06FA102 Fatal(5)
Probable Cause (08/30/2007) 08/30/2007 Gold Hill, NC Taylorcraft BC12-D N96758 ATL06LA103 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Waterford, OH Cessna 172L N7805G CHI06CA182 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/09/2009) 10/31/2006 Baltimore, OH CESSNA 172S N335SP CHI06CA183 Nonfatal Part 91: General Aviation
Foreign (11/23/2009) Tenerife, Spain SIKORSKY S61N DCA06RA053 Fatal(6)
Foreign (07/25/2006) Irkutsk, Russia Airbus Industrie A310-300 DCA06RA055 Fatal(124)
Sunday, July 09, 2006
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Fairbanks, AK Storm Zenair CH-701 N4233J ANC06LA086 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Grand Rapids, MN Cessna R172K N736VM CHI06LA212 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 El Dorado, TX Mooney M20C N6697U DFW06CA181 Nonfatal
Foreign (07/13/2006) Tepic, Mexico Cessna 182C DFW06WA177 Fatal(5)
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 New Galilee, PA Carlson Aircraft Sparrow NONE NYC06CA181 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Enumclaw, WA Rolladen-Schneider LS3A N43MM SEA06CA143 Nonfatal
Monday, July 10, 2006
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Georgetown, TX Piper PA-28-161 N8164J DFW06CA179 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Havasu Lake, CA Palmer Seawind 3000 N8025Q LAX06LA228 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/27/2007) 06/27/2007 Easton, WA Piper PA-31-350 N40ST SEA06FA139 Fatal(1) NSCH
Probable Cause (02/28/2008) 02/28/2008 Hamilton, MT Cessna Citation 560 N50CV SEA06LA138 Nonfatal
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Fairbanks, AK Cessna 206F N8440Q ANC06CA088 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Indianapolis, IN Piper PA-31-350 N40978 CHI06CA181 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Cahokia, IL Cessna 172M N1725V CHI06CA227 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/30/2007) 08/30/2007 Edgewater, MD Cirrus Design Corp. SR-22 N8163Q CHI06FA186 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Steubenville, OH Piper PA-18-135 N9841Q CHI06LA187 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (05/29/2007) 05/29/2007 Virginia Beach, VA Beech C24R N78MB DFW06FA180 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Modesto, CA Velocity 173/RG-XL N992PC LAX06LA229 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/27/2007) 06/27/2007 Hesperia, CA Alfred Long-EZ N1014A LAX06LA235 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Los Alamitos, CA LET SUPER BLANIK L-23 N381BA LAX06TA234 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Frederick, MD Grumman-Schweizer G-164B N6645Q NYC06LA178 Nonfatal
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Titusville, FL Schweizer 300C N1831A ANC06CA090 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Taos, NM Bell 206L-3 N44NM DEN06LA096 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 Marvell, AR Air Tractor AT-502B N90614 DFW06CA182 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 Big Creek, ID Cessna 182B N2434G SEA06LA140 Nonfatal
Foreign (07/14/2006) Kigoma, Tanzania Lockheed 382 C130 WAS06WA012 Fatal(5)
Thursday, July 13, 2006
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Big Lake, AK Cessna 172E N5560T ANC06LA101 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Waterford, MI Cessna 172R N918TA CHI06CA189 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 Holcomb, KS Air Tractor AT-301 N4422S DEN06LA097 Nonfatal
Friday, July 14, 2006
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Griffin, GA Piper PA-28-161 N546CA ATL06CA105 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/20/2007) 12/20/2007 Laporte, MN Cessna 120 N3089N CHI06LA191 Nonfatal
Foreign (07/17/2006) El Rosario, Spain Cessna 172N DEN06WA098 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Floydada, TX Grumman AA-1 N93010 DFW06LA183 Nonfatal
Foreign (03/13/2008) Skane County, Sweden Grumman AA-5B ENG07WA032 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Pacoima, CA Cessna 152 N25512 LAX06LA230 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Pompton Lakes, NJ Cessna 172N N4792D NYC06LA179 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Turner, MT Piper PA-11 N4706H SEA06CA144 Nonfatal
Saturday, July 15, 2006
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 Venice, FL Dahlstrom - Piel Emeraude CP-30 N667N ANC06CA091 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/30/2007) 08/30/2007 South Haven, MI Armpriest Breezy N316DA CHI06LA190 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Olathe, KS Piper PA-24-250 N6955P DEN06CA101 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Parker, CO Aeronca 7AC N85086 DEN06LA099 Nonfatal
Foreign (07/24/2006) Saint Tropez, France Cessna T310R N234SA DEN06WA102 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Rockwall, TX Cessna 120 N2591N DFW06CA185 Nonfatal
Foreign (10/20/2009) Maria Lankowitz, Austria, Austria BELL 206L ENG06WA027 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/22/2009) 06/22/2009 Van Nuys, CA LEARJET 55 N554CL LAX06FA238 Nonfatal NSCH Part 135: Air Taxi & Commuter
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Beckwourth, CA Beech C35 N715D LAX06LA231 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/28/2008) 05/28/2008 Hagatna, GU Cessna R172K II N1209V LAX06LA232 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/30/2008) 04/30/2008 Crestview, FL Cessna T210 N5266Y MIA06LA121 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Plattsburgh, NY Cessna 182A N2186G NYC06CA119 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/30/2008) 04/30/2008 Danville, WV Enstrom 280C N5691B NYC06LA175 Nonfatal
Sunday, July 16, 2006
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Lafayette, GA Cessna 182Q N97351 ATL06CA107 Nonfatal
Foreign (08/28/2006) Marina di Campo, Italy Piper PA-46-310P CHI06WA192 Fatal(4)
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 Kemmerer, WY Maule M 6 180C N72RM DEN06LA100 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/30/2008) 07/30/2008 Arcata, CA Bellanca 14-19 N522A LAX06FA233 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (04/30/2008) 04/30/2008 Wimauma, FL Cessna 320E N227DG MIA06LA122 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Clayton, NY Cessna 210G N210DT NYC06CA174 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/03/2006) 10/03/2006 Somerville, NJ Beech A36 N5363P NYC06CA177 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Hillsboro, OR Hawker Siddeley MK-58A Hunter N58MX SEA06FA142 Fatal(1)
Monday, July 17, 2006
Probable Cause (08/30/2007) 08/30/2007 Greenville, SC Dassault Aviation Mystere Falcon 900 N699BG ATL06IA108 Incident
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Walnut Ridge, AR Piper J3 N6732H DFW06FA184 Fatal(2)
Foreign (03/11/2008) Amsterdam, Netherlands Boeing 747-200F N516MC ENG06WA022 Incident
Probable Cause (04/30/2008) 04/30/2008 Pompano Beach, FL Bell 206B N515AA MIA06LA123 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Philadelphia, PA Eurocopter AS-350 BA N606TV NYC06IA176 Incident
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Napoleon, MI Cessna 182 N6155B CHI06CA203 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/27/2007) 06/27/2007 Jeanerette, LA Beech BE58P N158LW DFW06FA186 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Bakersfield, CA Beech A36 N4785M LAX06CA237 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Camarillo, CA Cessna 177RG N34480 LAX06CA239 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Hilo, HI Hammack Air Command Elite N6111A LAX06LA236 Nonfatal
Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Deland, FL Piper PA-34-200 N717PE ANC06LA092 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Marine City, MI Luscombe 8A N1026K CHI06CA194 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/07/2008) 05/07/2008 Cresco, IA Cessna 560 N636SE CHI06FA193 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Petal, MS Cessna 172N N738KE DFW06FA187 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Amarillo, TX Cessna P210N N732TZ DFW06LA188 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (04/30/2008) 04/30/2008 St. Thomas, VI Douglas DC-3 N782T MIA06LA125 Nonfatal
Thursday, July 20, 2006
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Willow, AK Luscombe 8E N2438K ANC06LA094 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Lakeview, MI Grumman G-164A N5068 CHI06CA195 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Fergus Falls, MN Schlei Avid Flyer Speed Win N507S CHI06LA207 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Claremont, MN Aerostar International, Inc. RX 8 N3639Q CHI06LA208 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Greenfield, CA American Champion Aircraft 7GCBC N53SE LAX06CA241 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/29/2007) 05/29/2007 Show Low, AZ Cessna 175 N6516E LAX06LA240 Nonfatal
Friday, July 21, 2006
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 Rome, GA Cessna 172F N5324R ATL06CA106 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Truckee, CA Cessna T210N N6686N LAX06CA248 Nonfatal
Foreign (12/04/2009) Debrecen, Hungary Piper PA-46T N122WD NYC06WA182 Nonfatal
Saturday, July 22, 2006
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 Eatonton, GA Cessna 182L N3415R ATL06CA109 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Lutsen, MN Cessna 206H N52728 CHI06CA197 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Troy, MI Sargent Bushby Mustang II N6186C CHI06CA198 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 Dexter, NM Ayres S2R-G10 N3298Y DEN06LA103 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Katy, TX Piper PA19/L-18C N3134F DFW06CA189 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Woodworth, LA Piper PA-28-140 N9952W DFW06CA190 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Grass Valley, CA Piper PA-28-161 N2115R LAX06LA251 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Marathon, FL Cessna 550 N466SS MIA06LA130 Nonfatal
Sunday, July 23, 2006
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Anchorage, AK Piper PA-12 N4017M ANC06CA096 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Big Lake, AK de Havilland DHC-2 N5146G ANC06LA095 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Cessna 402B N991PH ANC06LA098 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Ainsworth, NE Porter Mustang II N96AP CHI06CA199 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Wadsworth, IL Robinson R-44 N454WT CHI06CA214 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/28/2008) 02/28/2008 Oshkosh, WI Shaw Europa XS N229WC CHI06FA196 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 New Market, MN Piper J3C-65 N7012H CHI06LA211 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Bowie, TX Beech BE23 N2326Z DFW06CA192 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/29/2007) 05/29/2007 Bullhead City, AZ Raytheon Aircraft Company G36 N241JL LAX06FA243 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Hemet, CA Cessna 182P N9886M LAX06LA242 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Vineland, NJ Grumman G-164A N6620Q NYC06LA180 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/14/2007) 12/14/2007 Chicago, IL Boeing 737-322 OPS06IA008A Incident
Probable Cause (12/14/2007) 12/14/2007 Chicago, IL Boeing 747 OPS06IA008B Incident
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Lamont, WA Grumman-Schweizer G-164B N8376K SEA06CA145 Nonfatal
Monday, July 24, 2006
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Anchor Point, AK Cessna 180 N9588B ANC06CA097 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Griffin, GA Cessna 170B N4556C ATL06CA112 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 Hartselle, AL Arter RV6 N112WA ATL06LA110 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Hickory, NC Canadair F86 N86FS ATL06LA111 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Brookville, IN Cessna 172F N8829U CHI06FA184 Fatal(1)
Foreign (08/16/2006) Mantena, Brazil Cirrus Design Corp. SR-22 CHI06WA231 Nonfatal
Foreign (07/25/2006) Cancun, Mexico Boeing B767-200 N67157 DCA06WA056 Incident
Foreign (08/03/2007) Islamabad, Pakistan Airbus Industrie A320 ENG06WA033 Incident
Probable Cause (08/30/2007) 08/30/2007 Newark, NJ Embraer EMB-135LR N703MR NYC06LA191 Nonfatal SCHD American Eagle Airlines Inc
Probable Cause (12/28/2006) 12/28/2006 Cove, OR Cessna 185 N477G SEA06CA176 Nonfatal
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Palatka, FL Cessna 150F N8896G ANC06LA099 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 McAlester, OK Cessna R182 N7364T DFW06LA191 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Santa Clarita, CA Cessna 182D N8961X LAX06CA244 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Auburn, WA Maule M-7-235C N15SN SEA06CA149 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Spanish Fork, UT Spectrum Aeronautical LLC 33 N322LA SEA06FA146 Fatal(2)
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Mason, MI Beech A36 N9205Q CHI06CA201 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Wadsworth, OH Cessna 172N N739TG CHI06CA204 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Pleasanat View, CO Top Dog 582 NONE DEN06CA104 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/27/2007) 09/27/2007 Newellton, LA Mooney M20J N577RS DFW06FA193 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Napa, CA Cessna 150J N60816 LAX06CA245 Nonfatal
Thursday, July 27, 2006
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Hoonah, AK Taylorcraft F19 N8216E ANC06CA106 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Skagway, AK Eurocopter AS 350B2 N301TH ANC06LA100 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Harmon, IL Beech 95-B55 N127W CHI06LA220 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Joes, CO Schweizer Aircraft Corp G-164B N8459K DEN06CA105 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Cunningham, KS Cessna 140 N89669 DEN06CA106 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Albuquerque, NM Firefly Balloons Galaxy 11B N2190S DEN06CA108 Nonfatal
Foreign (03/10/2011) Barcelona, Spain, Spain CANADAIR CL600-2B19-200 ENG06RA025 Incident
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Kalaupapa, HI Cessna 177B N30652 LAX06LA246 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (06/30/2008) 06/30/2008 Pittsburgh, PA Boeing 737-300 N529AU NYC06FA184 Nonfatal SCHD US AIRWAYS INC (D.B.A. US Airways)
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Blacksburg, VA Piper PA-32R-300 N43945 NYC06LA185 Nonfatal
Foreign (08/06/2006) Guipuzcoa, Spain Piper PA-28RT-201T NYC06WA186 Fatal(1)
Friday, July 28, 2006
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Anchorage, AK Aero Commander 690A N57096 ANC06FAMS1 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (07/10/2009) 12/30/2008 Memphis, TN BOEING MD-10-10F N391FE DCA06FA058 Nonfatal NSCH Part 121: Air Carrier FEDERAL EXPRESS CORP
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Chino, CA Robinson R-22B N475SH LAX06CA250 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Flagstaff, AZ Robinson R44 N74780 LAX06LA247 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Independence, CA Beech V35B N346D LAX06LA249 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Lowman, ID Cessna TU206G N5421X SEA06TA152 Nonfatal
Saturday, July 29, 2006
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Riceboro, GA Cessna 208 N415GA ATL06CA113 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/29/2009) 01/29/2009 Sullivan, MO de Havilland DHC-6-100 N203E CHI06FA210 Fatal(6) Part 91: General Aviation
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Jackson, MS Curtiss-Wright Travel Air 4000 N6106 DFW06CA194 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Ontario, CA Cessna 414A N805PR LAX06CA268 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Poughkeepsie, NY Cessna 172P N97650 NYC06CA189 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 American Falls, ID Cessna 172F N8707U SEA06CA148 Nonfatal
Sunday, July 30, 2006
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Anchorage, AK Cessna 172N N738LJ ANC06LA104 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Chisholm, MN Cessna 180M N3336T CHI06CA209 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Park Rapids, MN Rockwell S2R N7982V CHI06CA222 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Oshkosh, WI Grumman TBM-3 N420GP CHI06FA206A Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Oshkosh, WI Vans Aircraft RV-6 C-FNQP CHI06FA206B Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Chicago, IL American Legend AL11C N848LC CHI06FA224 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Winter Park, CO American Champion 7KCAB N5232X DEN06FA107 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Ashland, KY Cessna 120 N1981V NYC06CA188 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 Ringoes, NJ Burleigh SeaRey N4293S NYC06LA187 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/31/2006) 10/31/2006 Hailey, ID Cessna 180J N42401 SEA06CA150 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Hailey, ID Cessna 180H N89SJ SEA06CA151 Nonfatal
Monday, July 31, 2006
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Ormond Beach, FL Liberty XL2 N520XL ANC06LA102 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2007) 01/31/2007 Juneau, AK de Havilland DHC-3 N93356 ANC06LA103 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (05/29/2007) 05/29/2007 Anchorage, AK American Champion (ACAC) 8GCBC N35RF ANC06LA105 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2006) 11/29/2006 Springfield, MN Air Tractor AT-400 N23720 CHI06CA221 Nonfatal