National Transportation Safety Board -- May 2001 Aviation Accidents

Report(s) Status
Probable Cause Released Location Make / Model Regist. Number NTSB No. Event Severity Type of Air Carrier Operation and Carrier Name (Doing Business As)
Tuesday, May 01, 2001
Probable Cause (07/02/2002) 07/02/2002 Minneapolis, MN Douglas DC-9-31 N9333 CHI01FA129 Nonfatal SCHD NORTHWEST AIRLINES INC
Probable Cause (04/15/2003) 04/15/2003 The Woodlands, TX Mitsubishi MU-2B-40 N16CG FTW01FA111 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (11/14/2001) 11/14/2001 Star, ID de Havilland DHC-6-300 N49SJ SEA01TA083 Nonfatal
Wednesday, May 02, 2001
Probable Cause (08/21/2001) 08/21/2001 Lake Wales, FL Cessna 182P N1491S ATL01LA050 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/01/2001) 11/01/2001 Watkins, CO Cessna T206H N72582 DEN01LA100 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/28/2001) 11/28/2001 Santa Maria, CA Cessna 177B N34168 LAX01LA163 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 03, 2001
Probable Cause (07/01/2002) 07/01/2002 Chefornak, AK Piper PA-32-300 N4089W ANC01LA053 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 CANTON, GA Cessna 182Q N735LX ATL01LA051 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/14/2001) 11/14/2001 Washington, OK Cessna 172RG N9696B FTW01LA113 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/23/2002) 01/23/2002 TRUCKEE, CA Cessna T210N N6425N LAX01LA164 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Nampa, ID Schweizer 269D N2061D SEA01LA082 Nonfatal
Friday, May 04, 2001
Probable Cause (04/29/2003) 04/29/2003 Vermillion 44, GM Bell 407 N917AL FTW01FA115 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (10/23/2001) 10/23/2001 Patterson, LA Cessna 172M N5247R FTW01LA133 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/10/2002) 09/10/2002 Factoryville, PA Piper PA-32-301 N434DJ IAD01LA054 Nonfatal
Foreign COBAN, Guatemala Cessna 182J WAS01RA005 Fatal(5)
Saturday, May 05, 2001
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 SOLDOTNA, AK Cessna 172 N5530T ANC01LA054 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/23/2001) 11/23/2001 Lake City, MI Maule M-7-235B N744LS CHI01LA132 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/20/2002) 09/20/2002 STEAMBOAT SPNGS, CO Cessna 208B N948FE DEN01FA094 Fatal(1) NSCH
Probable Cause (11/28/2001) 11/28/2001 SONOMA, CA De Havilland Tiger Moth DH 82A N838KC LAX01LA165 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/23/2002) 01/23/2002 Riverside, CA Aero Commander 112A N1159J LAX01LA173 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/28/2002) 05/28/2002 Adelanto, CA Schweizer SGS 1-34 N7605 LAX01LA174 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/25/2003) 02/25/2003 Prescott, AZ North American AT-6 D N7421C LAX01LA183 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/28/2001) 11/28/2001 Osceola Mills, PA Cessna 150J N51104 NYC01LA115 Nonfatal
Foreign (06/25/2009) Nurnberg, Germany Piper PA-42-1000 NYC01WA117 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (04/08/2003) 04/08/2003 Medford, OR MBB BO-105C N105RH SEA01FA085 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Imnaha, OR Cessna U206F N35854 SEA01LA084 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Arlington, WA LET L-23 N265BA SEA01LA091 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 06, 2001
Probable Cause (06/18/2002) 06/18/2002 WICHITA, KS Cessna 172N N733RK CHI01FA130 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (06/04/2002) 06/04/2002 Valparaiso, IN Madsen Lancair 320 N316M CHI01LA131 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/28/2001) 11/28/2001 NAPA, CA Piper PA-24-260 N8710P LAX01LA166 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/14/2001) 11/14/2001 FORT PIERCE, FL Cessna 172F N8664U MIA01LA139 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/07/2002) 02/07/2002 Tinicum Twnshp., PA Schweitzer 136 N3620Y NYC01LA114 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/18/2002) 06/18/2002 Nahant, MA Piper PA 31-350 N3558G NYC01LA116 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Brewer, ME Aeronca 11AC N9267E NYC01LA118 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Yamhill, OR Cessna U206 N29147 SEA01LA086 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Mercer Island, WA Cessna 180A N9732B SEA01LA096 Nonfatal
Monday, May 07, 2001
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 FAIRBANKS, AK Cessna 170B N3143A ANC01LA055 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/19/2001) 09/19/2001 Conchas, NM Hiller UH-12E N40296 DEN01TA095 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/27/2001) 09/27/2001 Hayward, CA Cessna 152 N757XS LAX01LA167 Nonfatal
Tuesday, May 08, 2001
Probable Cause (09/19/2001) 09/19/2001 Greeley, CO Beech 200 N725MC DEN01IA108 Incident NSCH
Probable Cause (07/15/2002) 07/15/2002 Riverside, CA Beech BE77 N3865D LAX01LA168 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/26/2003) 08/26/2003 Corvallis, OR Piper PA-34-200 N47GM SEA01LA087 Nonfatal
Wednesday, May 09, 2001
Probable Cause (08/13/2001) 08/13/2001 Maryville, TN Cessna 150H N6614S ATL01LA052 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/18/2002) 06/18/2002 Springfield, MO Cessna 172S N142ME CHI01FA136 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/21/2001) 08/21/2001 West Chicago, IL Cessna 172M N13474 CHI01LA133 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Angwin, CA Cessna 421C N26560 LAX01LA169 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/28/2002) 05/28/2002 TontoNat.Forest, AZ Aviat A-1A N281C LAX01LA175 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 10, 2001
Foreign (05/15/2001) Liverpool, United Kingdom McDonnell Douglas MD-83 DCA01RA041 Incident
Probable Cause (01/23/2002) 01/23/2002 Easton, MD Cessna 152 N135GB IAD01LA055 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/06/2001) 11/06/2001 Monson, ME Champion 7EC N4737E NYC01LA119 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Everett, WA Maule Air Inc. M-7-235 N5669S SEA01LA088 Nonfatal
Friday, May 11, 2001
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Gunnison, CO Beech 76 N6002H DEN01FA096 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (10/24/2002) 10/24/2002 Apex, NV Aviat A-1B N465C LAX01LA170 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/15/2006) 09/15/2006 Gorst, WA Robinson R44 N111PH SEA01FA089 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (09/06/2001) 09/06/2001 Salmon, ID Cessna 182P N8188G SEA01LA090 Nonfatal
Saturday, May 12, 2001
Probable Cause (07/25/2002) 07/25/2002 DUNLAP, TN Cessna 150 G N3370J ATL01FA059 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (08/21/2001) 08/21/2001 Warsaw, IL Air Tractor AT-401 N1008Q CHI01LA135 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2002) 07/25/2002 GALLUP, NM 1977 COLFER-CHAN STEEN SKYBOLT N111HC DEN01LA097 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Decatur, TX Cessna 310 N6748X FTW01LA118 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/13/2003) 05/13/2003 ASHLAND, ME Cessna 172N N1674E IAD01LA056 Nonfatal
Foreign Leicester, United Kingdom Cessna 182S IAD01WA057 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Hollister, CA Aeronca 7DC N4009B LAX01LA171 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/30/2004) 03/30/2004 San Diego, CA Bell 206B N2102Z LAX01LA172A Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/30/2004) 03/30/2004 San Diego, CA Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV N999GP LAX01LA172B Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/28/2002) 05/28/2002 Lake Shasta, CA Leonard Walters Avid Magnum N21911 LAX01LA176 Nonfatal
Foreign Maldon Essex, United Kingdom Piper PA-24-250 MIA01WA141 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (06/03/2002) 06/03/2002 New Market, VA Cessna U206E N948CG NYC01FA122 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Ithaca, NY Piper PA-32RT-300 N36127 NYC01LA120 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/26/2001) 09/26/2001 New Milford, CT Schweizer SGS 1-26E N33907 NYC01LA121 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/2001) 08/13/2001 Elizabethtown, KY Piper PA-28-140 N6899W NYC01LA124 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Grants Pass, OR Cessna 172P N62961 SEA01LA092 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 McMinnville, OR Cessna 172 N1264U SEA01LA094 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 13, 2001
Probable Cause (11/28/2001) 11/28/2001 Leakey, TX Cessna 210K N8246M FTW01FA116 Fatal(4)
Probable Cause (02/05/2002) 02/05/2002 Houston, TX Beech D35 N2118D FTW01LA163 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/15/2002) 07/15/2002 So Lake Tahoe, CA Beech E33A N464SR LAX01LA177 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/13/2003) 05/13/2003 PENA POBRE, PR Cessna 404 N404BA MIA01FA140 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (01/02/2002) 01/02/2002 Jackson Twp., PA Cessna 150A N7064X NYC01FA123 Fatal(2)
Monday, May 14, 2001
Probable Cause (08/21/2001) 08/21/2001 Zephyrhills, FL Cessna 177 N2890X ATL01LA054 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2001) 12/04/2001 Dunlap, TN Air Tractor AT-602 N50997 ATL01LA055 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/18/2003) 04/18/2003 San Jon, NM Beech King Air B90 N221CH DEN01FA098 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (08/26/2002) 08/26/2002 Odessa, TX Convair BT-13A N66791 FTW01FA117 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (09/06/2001) 09/06/2001 Salem, OR Beech C-99 N992AF SEA01IA093 Incident NSCH
Tuesday, May 15, 2001
Probable Cause (05/21/2002) 05/21/2002 Stebbins, AK Cessna 206 N756DJ ANC01LA057 Nonfatal SCHD
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Fort Lauderdale, FL Cessna P337H N1013V ATL01LA053 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/21/2002) 05/21/2002 Scott City, KS Bellanca 14-13-3 N6522N CHI01LA137 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/01/2001) 11/01/2001 STERLING, CO Aerostar RX-8 N4031A DEN01LA099 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Rosharon, TX Grumman-Schweizer G-164B N6778K FTW01LA119 Nonfatal
Foreign ZUMATLAN, Mexico Cessna 182 WAS01WA007 Fatal(2)
Wednesday, May 16, 2001
Probable Cause (06/04/2002) 06/04/2002 Brussels, IL Piper J5A N38646 CHI01LA125 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/23/2001) 11/23/2001 Casselton, ND Air Tractor G-164A N970X CHI01LA134 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/26/2002) 08/26/2002 Green Bay, WI Brault Glasair SH2F N1490 CHI01LA138 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/23/2001) 11/23/2001 MINNEAPOLIS, MN Parker Rotorway 162F N311RM CHI01LA141 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/28/2002) 05/28/2002 Muscatine, IA Baldwin RV-6 N4348Q CHI01LA142 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/05/2002) 02/05/2002 Tulsa, OK Kirchner Pietenpol Aircamper N25157 FTW01LA120 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/15/2002) 07/15/2002 PAULDEN, AZ Piper PA-32RT-300T N22467 LAX01LA179 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 17, 2001
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Quinhagak, AK Cessna 207 N917AC ANC01IA058 Incident
Probable Cause (06/18/2002) 06/18/2002 St Cloud, MN Beech 95-C55 N633K CHI01FA139 Nonfatal
Friday, May 18, 2001
Probable Cause (09/27/2001) 09/27/2001 Houston, TX Eurocopter AS-350-B2 N311TV FTW01LA121 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Raymondville, TX Robinson R22 N7087X FTW01LA124 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2004) 03/02/2004 Julian, CA Beech D45 N8NV LAX01FA178 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (01/23/2002) 01/23/2002 Tucson, AZ Piper PA18-150 N8524Y LAX01LA180 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/02/2004) 06/02/2004 Paauilo, HI Cessna 337C N2479S LAX01LA181 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (01/23/2002) 01/23/2002 Apple Valley, CA Luscombe 11A N1606B LAX01LA184 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/23/2002) 01/23/2002 Concord, CA Piper PA-22-150 N3170Z LAX01LA185 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2002) 07/25/2002 Islip, NY Beech C90 N270TC NYC01FA127 Nonfatal
Foreign PUERTO PRINCESA, Philippines Bell 407 WAS01RA008 Fatal(6)
Saturday, May 19, 2001
Probable Cause (08/21/2001) 08/21/2001 Griffin, GA Cessna 150 N5854E ATL01LA056 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/21/2001) 08/21/2001 Pell City, AL Cessna 150G N2808S ATL01LA057 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/23/2002) 01/23/2002 Alton, IL Cessna 172R N9532K CHI01LA316 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/30/2003) 12/30/2003 NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV Beech M35 N9820R LAX01FA186 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (06/16/2010) 03/30/2004 Grass Valley, CA Bennett Glastar N241GS LAX01LA187 Nonfatal Part 91: General Aviation
Probable Cause (08/21/2001) 08/21/2001 Rogersburg, WA Cessna 172 N4053F SEA01LA098 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 20, 2001
Probable Cause (05/21/2002) 05/21/2002 Anchorage, AK Cessna 172P N98426 ANC01LA064 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2001) 12/04/2001 Brooksville, FL Piper PA-44-180 N3042C ATL01LA058 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Roscommon, MI Cessna 152 N45943 CHI01LA144 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/14/2001) 11/14/2001 WOODROW, CO GARRETT STARDUSTER TOO SA300 N555CW DEN01LA101 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Fort Worth, TX Cessna 140 N77241 FTW01LA122 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/30/2004) 03/30/2004 Fallon, NV Cessna 182E N9344X LAX01LA182 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/30/2004) 03/30/2004 Show Low, AZ Wright Avid Flyer N214DW LAX01LA188 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/25/2003) 02/25/2003 RENO, NV Bellanca 7GCBC N86727 LAX01LA189 Nonfatal
Monday, May 21, 2001
Foreign (07/11/2001) Guam Boeing B-747-400 DCA01WA046 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/23/2001) 10/23/2001 Tulsa, OK Beech BE-76 N6003Y FTW01LA126 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/26/2003) 08/26/2003 West Chester, PA Beech 55 N4783M IAD01LA058 Nonfatal
Foreign (07/09/2001) Walker Cay, Bahamas Cessna 402 N3269Q MIA01WA179 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/17/2001) 10/17/2001 Danvers, MA Piper PA-28-161 N8365M NYC01FA128 Fatal(3)
Foreign Weston, Ireland Piper PA-28 NYC01WA129 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/02/2001) 10/02/2001 Brush Prairie, WA Piper J3F-65 N29042 SEA01LA103 Nonfatal
Foreign (02/04/2002) Kuwana Mie Pre., Japan Cessna 172P SEA01WA099A Fatal(10)
Foreign (02/04/2002) Kuwana Mie Pre., Japan Aerospatiale AS332 SEA01WA099B Fatal(10)
Tuesday, May 22, 2001
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Gaylord, MI Beech 58 N23AM CHI01LA140 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/18/2002) 06/18/2002 Schoolcraft, MI Bell Helicopter 407 N5259N CHI01LA145 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (07/01/2002) 07/01/2002 Manvel, TX Gideon Wittman Tailwind W8 N3GJ FTW01LA125 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (08/26/2003) 08/26/2003 UNIONTOWN, OH Piper PA-31-310 N35WT IAD01LA059 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Fort Lauderdale, FL Grumman G-73 N142PA MIA01IA144 Incident SCHD Flying Boat Inc (D.B.A. Chalks International Airlines)
Probable Cause (09/26/2001) 09/26/2001 Sunriver, OR Piper PA-22-150 N7815D SEA01LA101 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Wilbur, WA Piper PA-18-105 Special N7155K SEA01LA102 Fatal(1)
Wednesday, May 23, 2001
Foreign (01/28/2008) Coonamble, NSW, Australia Saab-Scania AB (Saab) Saab 340 ENG01RA001 Incident
Probable Cause (11/25/2003) 11/25/2003 DFW Airport, TX Fokker F28 Mk 0100 N1419D FTW01FA127 Nonfatal SCHD (D.B.A. N/A)
Probable Cause (11/28/2001) 11/28/2001 Murietta, CA Robinson R22B N2352G LAX01LA190 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 24, 2001
Probable Cause (04/15/2003) 04/15/2003 Alamogordo, NM Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-3DM N11ZQ DEN01FA105 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Wichita Falls, TX Blucher KR-2S N197DB FTW01LA128 Fatal(2)
Foreign Berlin, Germany Beech BE-36 IAD01WA060 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (05/30/2003) 05/30/2003 Cottonwood, AZ Cessna 172S N506ER LAX01LA191 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/19/2001) 09/19/2001 Bremerton, WA Curtis Lionheart N816JC SEA01LA104 Nonfatal
Friday, May 25, 2001
Probable Cause (09/19/2001) 09/19/2001 West Jordan, UT Maule M-5-235C N9181E DEN01LA104 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/28/2001) 11/28/2001 Mariposa, CA Cessna 150H N23474 LAX01LA192 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/25/2003) 06/25/2003 Harrisburg, PA Boeing 727-233 N277FE NYC01IA134 Incident SCHD (D.B.A. Federal Express Corp.)
Foreign ROCAFUERTE, Ecuador Bell 206L-1 WAS01WA009 Nonfatal
Saturday, May 26, 2001
Probable Cause (08/21/2001) 08/21/2001 JACKSON, MS CONRAD MENZEL SA-300 STARDUSTER N503CM ATL01LA061 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/04/2002) 11/04/2002 Pryor, OK Cessna 150 N5617E FTW01FA129A Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/04/2002) 11/04/2002 Pryor, OK Schleicher Ka-6E N9915X FTW01FA129B Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Portland, OR Cessna T210M N761DL SEA01LA105 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 27, 2001
Probable Cause (12/06/2002) 12/06/2002 Protem, MO Cessna 150H N23033 CHI01LA147 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (05/28/2002) 05/28/2002 Patriot, IN Cessna 152 N6154Q CHI01LA148 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/16/2003) 01/16/2003 Kankakee, IL Geertz Zenith CH 200 N77VZ CHI01LA149 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (07/25/2002) 07/25/2002 Kanab, UT Cessna T207A N6427H DEN01LA102 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Hondo, TX Cessna 182P N9875E FTW01LA130 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2002) 04/25/2002 Fentress, TX de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter N125PM FTW01LA132 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/28/2001) 11/28/2001 Pauma Valley, CA Cessna 177RG N8287G LAX01LA193 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/05/2002) 02/05/2002 Temecula, CA Cessna 337G N337GD LAX01LA205 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Spartanburg, SC Piper PA-25-235 N6667Z MIA01LA145 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/23/2002) 01/23/2002 Clinton, MD Piper PA-22-135 N3341A NYC01LA133 Nonfatal
Monday, May 28, 2001
Probable Cause (07/02/2002) 07/02/2002 Osage Beach, MO Piper PA-24-250 N7331P CHI01FA146 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (11/23/2001) 11/23/2001 Casco Twp., MI Perth Amboy Bird CK N726N CHI01LA150 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Bennett, CO Hall Lancair 4P N707SH DEN01LA103 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Georgetown, TX Cessna 172N N5447J FTW01LA131 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/07/2002) 02/07/2002 Escondido, CA Cessna 210A N9462X LAX01FA194 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Toccoa, GA Boeing 737-301 N349US MIA01LA146 Nonfatal SCHD US Airways Inc
Probable Cause (08/13/2001) 08/13/2001 Fairfield, KY Hughes 269C N9660F NYC01LA131 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Augusta, MT Piper PA-12 N2564M SEA01FA106 Fatal(1)
Tuesday, May 29, 2001
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Greenville, MS Cessna 421C N51ER ATL01LA060 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2002) 07/25/2002 Meeker, CO Piper PA-28-161 N5999V DEN01FA111 Fatal(4)
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 Elizabeth, CO Enstrom F-28C N83GT DEN01LA106 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2001) 12/04/2001 Benton, PA Continental Copters Tom Cat Mark 5A N25561 NYC01LA130 Nonfatal
Wednesday, May 30, 2001
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 ALEXANDER, AK de Havilland DHC-2 N150PL ANC01LA060 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Victoria, TX Cessna 182K N201EX FTW01LA134 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 Swainsboro, GA Russell Heyn RANS S-6 N448CH MIA01LA147 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Humboldt, TN Cessna A188B N4893R MIA01LA148 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/19/2001) 09/19/2001 Greensboro, NC Champion 7ECA N1669G MIA01LA149 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/18/2002) 06/18/2002 Monroe, OR Cessna 172S N571SP SEA01IA113 Incident
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 Gardiner, MT Herriford RAF 2000 N2361S SEA01LA107 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 31, 2001
Probable Cause (02/20/2002) 02/20/2002 WASILLA, AK Cessna 172 N8054X ANC01LA061 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/19/2001) 09/19/2001 Albuquerque, NM Piper PA-28R-180 N3708T DEN01LA107 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2006) 04/25/2006 Butte City, CA Schweizer G-164B N6902K LAX01LA195 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/25/2003) 02/25/2003 Buttonwillow, CA Bell 47G-4A N110DT LAX01LA196 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/01/2003) 04/01/2003 Fort Pierce, FL Air Tractor AT-502B N6067A MIA01LA150 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/27/2001) 09/27/2001 Evesham Twp., NJ Musso Nieuport 24 N1893 NYC01LA135 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/30/2003) 09/30/2003 Salem, OR Luscombe 8F N1389B SEA01LA109 Nonfatal
Foreign (06/08/2001) D'Arcy, Canada Cessna 150M N3385V SEA01WA108 Nonfatal