National Transportation Safety Board -- May 2000 Aviation Accidents

Report(s) Status
Probable Cause Released Location Make / Model Regist. Number NTSB No. Event Severity Type of Air Carrier Operation and Carrier Name (Doing Business As)
Monday, May 01, 2000
Probable Cause (07/10/2001) 07/10/2001 KOTZEBUE, AK Piper PA-18 N3935Z ANC00FA052 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 HOMER, AK Bell 206B N301MH ANC00LA053 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 DAYTONA BEACH, FL de Havilland DH-82C TIGERMOTH N819DH ATL00LA049 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/21/2001) 08/21/2001 BLOOMFIELD, NM McDonnell Douglas 369E N1606K DEN00FA082 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 RIALTO, CA Hughes 269C N5395S LAX00LA181 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 SALEM, OR MORTON CHRISTAVIA MARK I N1143L SEA00LA079 Nonfatal
Tuesday, May 02, 2000
Probable Cause (09/30/2003) 09/30/2003 Orlando, FL Cessna 501 N56LW ATL00LA050 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2000) 11/29/2000 MARCO ISLAND, FL Piper PA-28-140 N1449T ATL00LA051 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/18/2001) 04/18/2001 CORNELL, WI Cessna 172M N13145 CHI00FA129 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 NEENAH, WI Grunska KITFOX IV N4956 CHI00LA130 Nonfatal
Foreign (05/02/2000) LYON, France Learjet 35A IAD00RA041 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (12/14/2001) 12/14/2001 FALLON, NV SMITH ARTHUR FOX LONG EZ N7FS LAX00LA182 Nonfatal
Wednesday, May 03, 2000
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 ABERDEEN, SD Hughes 269C N456EM CHI00LA131 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 LOVELAND, CO Hughes 269C N1098B DEN00LA083 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 KENMORE, WA de Havilland U-6A N8523 SEA00LA083 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 04, 2000
Probable Cause (11/01/2001) 11/01/2001 BLANDING, UT Aerospatiale AS-350B CGPTT DEN00FA084 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 SANFORD, FL Cessna 152 N92995 MIA00LA144 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/18/2001) 01/18/2001 EPHRATA, WA Gulfstream-Schweizer G-164B N8130K SEA00LA082 Nonfatal
Friday, May 05, 2000
Probable Cause (06/14/2001) 06/14/2001 HAINES, AK Bell 206B N49686 ANC00LA055 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/06/2001) 04/06/2001 MONUMENT VALLEY, UT de Havilland DHC-6-300 N241SA DEN00FA085 Nonfatal SCHD (D.B.A. SCENIC AIRLINES, INC. )
Probable Cause (11/25/2003) 11/25/2003 China Lake, CA Beech 65-90 N32229 LAX00GA185 Nonfatal
Foreign (06/06/2001) Mattawa, Canada Bell 206B NYC00WA271 Fatal(1)
Saturday, May 06, 2000
Probable Cause (04/25/2001) 04/25/2001 FULTON, MO Piper PA-28-151 N8641E CHI00LA128 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 ECKERMAN, MI Bell 206B N9TD CHI00LA132 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 KANAB, UT NOTEMAN RV6-A N456TP FTW00LA138 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 SOCORRO, NM Stinson 108-3 N6905M FTW00LA139 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/10/2001) 07/10/2001 BAILEY, CO Bell 206-L4 N52192 FTW00LA140 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 ALBUQUERQUE, NM LEWIS SPITFIRE/RAVEN N17ST FTW00LA143 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/08/2001) 05/08/2001 MCMURRAY, PA Rotorway ROTORWAY 162F EXEC N162RS IAD00LA039 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 METTER, GA Hiller UH-12C N80584 MIA00LA145 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 JACKSONVILLE, FL Schweizer SGS 2-33 N5738S MIA00LA148 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/02/2009) 05/30/2001 CINCINNATI, OH Eurocopter BK-117-A4 N911NC NYC00FA127 Nonfatal Part 91: General Aviation
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 ELIZABETHTOWN, KY Cessna P210N N67Y NYC00LA128 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2000) 11/29/2000 BEAUMONT, PA Cessna 120 N2842N NYC00LA129 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 SEASIDE, OR Schweizer SGS 1-35 N34173 SEA00LA085 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 07, 2000
Probable Cause (05/30/2001) 05/30/2001 DELTA JUNCTION, AK Cessna 170B N992EZ ANC00LA054 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 FARMINGTON, NC Schweizer SGU2-22E N2728Z ATL00LA054 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 MONUMENT VALLEY, UT Cessna R182 N3622C FTW00LA141 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (04/19/2001) 04/19/2001 FORT STOCKTON, TX Air Tractor AT-802A N60471 FTW00TA142 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (01/16/2003) 01/16/2003 GRAND CANYON, AZ Cessna T210L N1726X LAX00LA183 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/14/2001) 12/14/2001 BURBANK, CA McCoy GLASAIR III N1ML LAX00LA184 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 MARANA, AZ Fairchild KR-21 NC206V LAX00LA187 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/06/2001) 11/06/2001 JACKSON, MS Beech F35 N35WK MIA00FA146 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 KUTZTOWN, PA Ludeman HP-18 N67TT NYC00LA130 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 INDEPENDENCE, OR Oveross VANS RV-8 N998TT SEA00LA084 Nonfatal
Monday, May 08, 2000
Probable Cause (07/10/2001) 07/10/2001 MACK, CO Cessna 210L N732ER FTW00FA144 Fatal(2)
Foreign (08/24/2000) SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia Piper PA-23-250F FTW00RA147 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 LOS ANGELES, CA McDonnell Douglas 500N N955SD LAX00TA186 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/06/2001) 04/06/2001 WINDSOR LOCKS, CT Beech BE-58 N9044V NYC00IA131 Incident NSCH
Foreign (05/30/2000) CHIU AN, Taiwan Bell 430 SEA00WA086 Unavailable
Tuesday, May 09, 2000
Probable Cause (07/10/2001) 07/10/2001 ANCHORAGE, AK Beech B24R N6951R ANC00FA056 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/30/2001) 05/30/2001 ANCHORAGE, AK Cessna 180K N2785K ANC00LA057 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 KENNESAW, GA Jackson VELOCITY RG N34BD ATL00LA055 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 FAYETTEVILLE, NC Cessna 210A N6607X ATL00LA056 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 GALESBURG, ND Robinson R-22 BETA N7185C CHI00LA133 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2000) 11/29/2000 SAN ANTONIO, TX Bell 47G N14408 FTW00LA145 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/28/2004) 12/28/2004 MESA, AZ Cessna 310Q N7648Q LAX00LA188 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 MARANA, AZ Piper PA-18-150 N7345Z LAX00LA189 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/02/2002) 01/02/2002 MAUI, HI Lockheed L1011-385-1 N192AT LAX00LA192 Nonfatal SCHD AMERICAN TRANS AIR, INC.
Probable Cause (04/19/2001) 04/19/2001 NEW SMYRNA BCH, FL MORPHEW PITTS MODEL 12 N69BM MIA00LA149 Fatal(2)
Wednesday, May 10, 2000
Probable Cause (07/25/2002) 07/25/2002 KAUNAKAKAI, HI Rockwell NA-265-65 N241H LAX00FA191 Fatal(6)
Probable Cause (03/30/2004) 03/30/2004 Eureka, CA Sikorsky S61A N693CC LAX00LA193 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 11, 2000
Probable Cause (06/12/2001) 06/12/2001 HAM LAKE, MN Robinson R22 BETA N8321K CHI00LA134 Nonfatal
Foreign Douglas MD87 DCA00WA048 Incident
Probable Cause (02/02/2009) 11/28/2001 MESA, AZ Eurocopter AS350B2 N851HW LAX00LA195 Nonfatal Part 91: General Aviation
Probable Cause (09/30/2003) 09/30/2003 PICAYUNE, MS Cessna 172H N5107G MIA00LA150 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 BRYSON CITY, NC Mooney M20C N6998U MIA00LA151 Nonfatal
Friday, May 12, 2000
Foreign , Ireland Boeing 747-200 N520UP DCA00WA049 Incident
Probable Cause (07/02/2001) 07/02/2001 HOUSTON, TX Beech BE-95-B55 N4005A FTW00FA146 Fatal(6)
Probable Cause (09/30/2003) 09/30/2003 FERNANDINA BCH, FL Piper PA-18-150 N760WB MIA00LA152 Nonfatal
Saturday, May 13, 2000
Probable Cause (05/30/2001) 05/30/2001 BIG LAKE, AK Piper PA-12 N7944H ANC00LA058 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 ITHACA, MI Rotorway EXEC 162F N962WM CHI00LA135 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 BEDFORD, WY Cessna 170B N8319A DEN00LA087 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 ERIE, CO Beech V35B N6643Q DEN00LA088 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2000) 11/29/2000 MESQUITE, TX Cessna 172H N2440L FTW00LA148 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/06/2002) 12/06/2002 CASA GRANDE, AZ Piper PA-32R N4148R LAX00LA196 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 MONETA, VA Piper PA-22 N6841B NYC00LA132 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 FOREST HILL, MD Piper PA18-150 N9432P NYC00LA133 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 KEYMAR, MD Hing FLY BABY 1A N2685 NYC00LA134 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/29/2000) 11/29/2000 WELLINGTON, OH Burkhart Grob G103 N3872G NYC00LA135 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 14, 2000
Probable Cause (05/22/2001) 05/22/2001 HOLMEN, WI Beech A23-19 N5665S CHI00LA136 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/21/2001) 08/21/2001 IONIA, KS Weatherly 201C N9198W CHI00LA137 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/30/2003) 09/30/2003 APEX, NC Mclarty VANS RV-4 N45DR MIA00LA153 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 HIGHLANDS, NC Piper PA-22-150 N6860B MIA00LA154 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 MONROE, NC Beech 18 N6082 MIA00LA155 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 WAKE FORREST, NC Asselyn CH701 N942PS MIA00LA156 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 SHARPSBURG, GA Navion L-17B N4903E MIA00LA157 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 BOCA RATON, FL Piper J-3 N70546 MIA00LA158 Nonfatal
Monday, May 15, 2000
Probable Cause (11/01/2001) 11/01/2001 ALAMOGORDO, NM Cessna T337C N2522S DEN00GA089 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (12/18/2001) 12/18/2001 GETTYSBURG, PA Maule M-4-220C N91480 IAD00LA042 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 BORREGO SPRINGS, CA Cessna 152 N25213 LAX00LA194 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/06/2002) 12/06/2002 SHOW LOW, AZ Beech H35 N5477D LAX00LA197 Nonfatal
Tuesday, May 16, 2000
Probable Cause (01/02/2002) 01/02/2002 TAPPAHANNOCK, VA Cessna 172N N1655E IAD00LA043 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/30/2003) 05/30/2003 FRENCHVILLE, PA Bell UH-1H N52AG NYC00FA136 Fatal(1)
Wednesday, May 17, 2000
Foreign , Gabon Beech 1900C DCA00WA050 Unavailable
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 FLORENCE, SC Richard Shaffer AIRCAMPER GN-1 N2308C MIA00LA159 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 MORGANTON, NC Daniel A. Shapiro SEAREY 1DK N8096A MIA00LA160 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 PITTSBURGH, PA Anderson Aircraft Corp. MA-18 N218MA NYC00LA137 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 ATLANTIC OCEAN Cessna 172N N738VZ SEA00LA100 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 18, 2000
Probable Cause (09/30/2003) 09/30/2003 BOULDER, UT Eagle Aircraft Co. DW-1 N8803H DEN00LA090 Nonfatal
Foreign (12/14/2000) COBAN, Guatemala Cessna 182P FTW00RA155 Fatal(4)
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 BORREGO SPRINGS, CA Cessna 185 N9955X LAX00LA198 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 BIGGS, CA Grumman G-164A N5335 LAX00LA199 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 GAINESVILLE, GA Cessna A150M N9834J MIA00LA162 Nonfatal
Foreign (06/01/2000) BARBADOS, Barbados Grumman HU16A N43GL MIA00WA178 Incident
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 MIDDLETON, ID Cessna 150G N3054S SEA00LA087 Nonfatal
Friday, May 19, 2000
Probable Cause (05/30/2001) 05/30/2001 WASILLA, AK Piper PA-12 N49EB ANC00LA060 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/02/2001) 07/02/2001 ANCHORAGE, AK Cessna 185F N1789 ANC00TA059 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/02/2002) 01/02/2002 DENVER, CO Swearingen SA226TC N235BA DEN00FA092 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (05/08/2001) 05/08/2001 LARKSPUR, CO Cessna 172XP N758SZ DEN00LA091 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 TITUSVILLE, FL Piper PA-23-160 N3492P MIA00FA163 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (04/20/2001) 04/20/2001 FORT LAUDERDALE, FL Beech 1900C N154GA MIA00IA164 Incident SCHD GULFSTREAM INTERNATIONAL (D.B.A. CONTINENTAL CONNECTION )
Foreign (05/31/2000) ST. BARTHELEMY, West Indies Piper PA-28-140 N7150R MIA00WA167 Nonfatal
Saturday, May 20, 2000
Probable Cause (07/02/2001) 07/02/2001 MUSKEGON, MI Wsk Pzl Mielec M-18A N178RA CHI00FA139 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 BOULDER CITY, NV Beech 35-B33 N9591Y LAX00LA202 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/18/2003) 04/18/2003 NASHVILLE, TN Boeing 737-500 N522SW MIA00LA169 Nonfatal SCHD SOUTHWEST AIRLINES CO.
Probable Cause (05/18/2001) 05/18/2001 EPHRATA, WA Avions Mudry et Cie CAP 231 N231X SEA00LA088 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 WENATCHEE, WA Gifford TR-4 N1757 SEA00LA089 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 21, 2000
Probable Cause (05/08/2003) 05/08/2003 Bear Creek Town, PA British Aerospace J-3101 N16EJ DCA00MA052 Fatal(19) NSCH
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 LARAMIE, WY Cessna T210M N66DF DEN00LA094 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2000) 11/29/2000 HOUSTON, TX Piper PA-31T1 N301TA FTW00LA150 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 FRISCO, TX Cameron V-90 N6012C FTW00LA152 Nonfatal
Foreign (12/14/2000) SAN QUINTIN, Mexico Beech V35 N3334G FTW00WA151 Fatal(3)
Foreign (12/14/2000) NOGALES, Mexico Cessna 182N N92755 FTW00WA171 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/09/2001) 10/09/2001 LOS ANGELES, CA Stinson 108-1 N8398K LAX00LA200 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 MINDEN, NV Issoire-Aviation PIK-30 N30PK LAX00LA201 Fatal(1)
Monday, May 22, 2000
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 CORDOVA, AK Cessna 402C N402ET ANC00LA061 Nonfatal SCHD
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 GOSHEN, IN Cessna 152 N68182 CHI00LA140 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/02/2001) 07/02/2001 ELGIN, ND Cessna C-T188C N2075J CHI00LA144 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 ERIE, CO Piper PA-32R-300 N424TP DEN00IA093 Incident
Probable Cause (05/08/2001) 05/08/2001 KILBOURNE, LA PZL-Mielec M-18A N2296C FTW00LA149 Nonfatal
Foreign (12/14/2000) COCA, Ecuador Fairchild F-27E FTW00WA172 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 PENSACOLA, FL LET L-13 N90867 MIA00LA165 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 MONTICELLO, MS Grumman G-164B N6744K MIA00LA168 Nonfatal
Tuesday, May 23, 2000
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 HIBBING, MN Cessna C310R N87430 CHI00LA141 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 SANDSTONE, MN American AA-1 N5712L CHI00LA142 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/22/2001) 05/22/2001 PACIFIC OCEAN Beech B200 N24CV LAX00LA203 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/18/2001) 12/18/2001 ALICEVILLE, AL Beech 95-A55 N711MS MIA00FA166 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 NEWPORT NEWS, VA Heli-Eagle Inc. ULTRASPORT 496 N9258H NYC00LA142 Nonfatal
Wednesday, May 24, 2000
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 GREEN BAY, WI Cessna T207A N774EA CHI00LA143 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/14/2001) 11/14/2001 PATTERSON, LA Eurocopter AS350B2 N350JG FTW00LA153 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (04/06/2001) 04/06/2001 WEST, TX Cecil THORP T-18 N856CW FTW00LA169 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 TONOPAH, NV Piper PA-28R-180 N3700T LAX00LA204 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 FORT PIERCE, FL Southwest Florida Aviation SW204 N37BA MIA00LA170 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 EAST PALESTINE, OH Carlson CRIQUET N22CA NYC00LA141 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 WAYNESVILLE, OH Let L 33 SOLO N5711 NYC00LA147 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/18/2001) 05/18/2001 SEATTLE, WA Boeing 767-200 N767AX SEA00LA094A Nonfatal NSCH (D.B.A. AIRBORNE EXPRESS )
Probable Cause (05/18/2001) 05/18/2001 SEATTLE, WA Cessna 150J N60825 SEA00LA094B Nonfatal
Thursday, May 25, 2000
Probable Cause (05/30/2001) 05/30/2001 NENANA, AK Taylorcraft BC-12D N43863 ANC00LA065 Nonfatal
Foreign PARIS, France McDonnell Douglas MD-80 DCA00WA054 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 SALINA, UT Rosenvall AVID MK IV N63827 DEN00LA098 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2001) 12/04/2001 NOBLE, OK Cessna 152 N45973 FTW00FA154A Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (12/04/2001) 12/04/2001 NOBLE, OK Cessna 182L N974SR FTW00FA154B Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 CHAPEL HILL, NC Piper PA-28-161 N47561 MIA00LA171 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/18/2001) 05/18/2001 TOMS RIVER, NJ Grumman G-164-A N910X NYC00LA144 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 BOISE, ID Cessna T210M N761VZ SEA00LA090 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/18/2001) 05/18/2001 WOLF POINT, MT Cessna 310R N30RA SEA00LA091 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 BUHL, ID Sikorsky S-58 N2253A SEA00LA092 Nonfatal
Friday, May 26, 2000
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 FRANKLIN, NC John Thomas CLOUD DANCER 2 N6314T ATL00LA057 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/2001) 07/26/2001 TAYLOR, MO Bellanca 17-30A N136EL CHI00FA145 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 SUBLETTE, KS Cessna A188B N9076R CHI00LA147 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/19/2001) 09/19/2001 BUENA VISTA, CO Cessna T210K N9457M DEN00FA095 Fatal(3)
Foreign (12/14/2000) MIXCOLAJA, Guatemala Cessna A185F N4871Q FTW00WA173 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/04/2001) 12/04/2001 URBANA, MD Kurzenburger Stuka JU-87 N87DK IAD00FA044 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/17/2001) 10/17/2001 COLUMBIA, CA Beech F33A N2RM LAX00FA206 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (05/30/2003) 05/30/2003 WINDERMERE, FL Aerostar S57-A N6341V MIA00LA179 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 COLLEGEDALE, TN HAYES LONG-EZ N9JZ MIA00LA183 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/19/2001) 04/19/2001 PITTSFIELD, ME de Havilland DH-82A N8872 NYC00LA143 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 HAMMONTON, NJ Aerotek PITTS S-2A N16FJ NYC00LA145 Nonfatal
Saturday, May 27, 2000
Probable Cause (01/18/2001) 01/18/2001 HURRICANE, UT Eiriavion Oy PIK 20E N35LP DEN00LA096 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/18/2001) 01/18/2001 SAND SPRINGS, OK Cessna 182RG N736BA FTW00LA158 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/18/2001) 12/18/2001 BEDFORD, MA Beech A-36 N66SB IAD00LA045 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 PRESCOTT, AZ Cessna 172RG N5207U LAX00FA207 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 BUNNELL, FL AVIONS MUDRY ET CIE CAP 10B N82BW MIA00FA172A Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 BUNNELL, FL AVIONS MUDRY ET CIE CAP 10B N86KB MIA00FA172B Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (05/30/2003) 05/30/2003 NORTH MIAMI BCH, FL Rawdon T1 N2706D MIA00LA173 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2001) 04/25/2001 MILLEDGEVILLE, GA Cessna 150L N330JC MIA00LA174 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 LINCOLNTON, NC Cessna 172N N734ZD MIA00LA175 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/10/2001) 07/10/2001 FORT WALTON BCH, FL Bell 47G-2 N96MB MIA00LA176 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 28, 2000
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 KAUFMAN, TX Cessna 195 N9876A FTW00LA160 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 TAYLOR, TX Hard CAPELLA XLS N427LM FTW00LA165 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/02/2002) 01/02/2002 HAWTHORNE, CA Piper PA-46-310P N567YV LAX00FA208 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 JOHNSON CREEK, ID Cessna 172 N7902B SEA00LA093 Nonfatal
Monday, May 29, 2000
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 PLAINWELL, MI Cessna 172N N5200K CHI00LA146 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/08/2001) 05/08/2001 STERLING, MA Schweizer SGS 2-33A N1225S IAD00LA046 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/09/2001) 05/09/2001 EPHRATA, WA AS+ (RUSSIA) AS-4 N1995M SEA00LA096 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/18/2001) 05/18/2001 LAUREL, MT Cessna 182B N66KJ SEA00LA115 Nonfatal
Tuesday, May 30, 2000
Probable Cause (12/04/2000) 12/04/2000 ENGLEWOOD, CO Piper PA-44-180T N8303P DEN00LA097 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2000) 11/29/2000 MARMADUKE, AR Pzl-Mielec M-18A N2065S FTW00LA157 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2000) 11/29/2000 GARWOOD, TX Air Tractor AT-301 N8594S FTW00LA159 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 VICTORIA, TX Geiling SONERAI II N10GX FTW00LA164 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/17/2001) 10/17/2001 SMYRNA, TN Beech C23 N6645P MIA00FA177 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (04/06/2001) 04/06/2001 WILLIAMSTOWN, NJ Piper PA-28-161 N4319U NYC00LA146 Nonfatal
Wednesday, May 31, 2000
Probable Cause (03/02/2001) 03/02/2001 MILFORD, UT Cessna TR182 N738FN DEN00LA099 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/10/2001) 07/10/2001 COCODRIE, LA Bell 206B N7817S FTW00LA161 Nonfatal NSCH
Foreign (12/14/2000) WHYALLA, Australia Piper PA-31-350 FTW00RA187 Fatal(8)
Probable Cause (12/04/2001) 12/04/2001 GRT BARRINGTON, MA Mooney M20K N1154K IAD00LA047 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/17/2001) 07/17/2001 PALM SPRINGS, CA Cessna 152 N5538M LAX00FA209 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (07/30/2001) 07/30/2001 LANCASTER, CA Hilyard DRAGONFLY N22EX LAX00LA210 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/06/2002) 12/06/2002 LONG BEACH, CA Piper PA-28-140 N6349W LAX00LA211 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/17/2001) 05/17/2001 STOCKBRIDGE, GA Ercoupe 415-C N2589H MIA00LA180 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/02/2001) 07/02/2001 MONARCH, MT Cessna 414 N5113G SEA00FA095 Fatal(3)