National Transportation Safety Board -- May 1992 Aviation Accidents

Report(s) Status
Probable Cause Released Location Make / Model Regist. Number NTSB No. Event Severity Type of Air Carrier Operation and Carrier Name (Doing Business As)
Friday, May 01, 1992
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 CONCORD, NC CESSNA 172E N5529T ATL92LA092 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 AMELIA, VA CESSNA 172M N20209 BFO92LA053 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 SOUTH BOSTON, VA CHAMPION 7GCAA N1837G BFO92LA054 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/28/1993) 05/28/1993 PRINEVILLE, OR CESSNA T210L N5469V SEA92LA087 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 HILLSBORO, OR HUGHES 369E N5211Y SEA92LA088 Nonfatal
Saturday, May 02, 1992
Probable Cause (03/09/1993) 03/09/1993 BENTON, TN SCHREDER RS-15 N17TM ATL92LA093 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/09/1993) 03/09/1993 MARKHAM, IL PIPER PA-28-140D N1814T CHI92LA139 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 CANTON, TX CESSNA 172M N9623V FTW92LA124 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 CASTROVILLE, TX SHEWMAKER BD5 N68DS FTW92LA125 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 CORONA, CA BEECH A23-24 N666CM LAX92FA196 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 INDEPENDENCE, CA PIPER PA-31-325 N59781 LAX92LA194 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/29/1993) 09/29/1993 AVALON, CA BEECH A36 N583T LAX92LA386 Fatal(1)
Sunday, May 03, 1992
Probable Cause (09/14/1993) 09/14/1993 YAKUTAT, AK CESSNA 340 N69469 ANC92FAMS2 Fatal(5)
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 TALKEETNA, AK CESSNA C-170B N2746D ANC92LA066 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 BARROW, AK CESSNA C-A185F N20752 ANC92LA067 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/12/1993) 03/12/1993 WILMINGTON, NC CESSNA 120 N72973 ATL92LA094 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/21/1993) 06/21/1993 SOMERVILLE, VA SAM R. CROWELL SH-2R N1RX BFO92FA051 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 MILLIS, MA BEECH 24 N2061L BFO92LA052 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 CHINO, CA BOEING PT-17 N1731B LAX92LA195 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 SHELTER COVE, CA CESSNA T210L N5468V LAX92LA197 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 ODESSA, FL CESSNA 310Q N300DG MIA92FA121 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 WENATCHEE, WA PILATUS B-4 PC 11A N279AS SEA92LA089 Fatal(1)
Monday, May 04, 1992
Probable Cause (12/16/1993) 12/16/1993 DENVER, CO BOEING 757-222 N530UA DEN92IA050 Incident SCHD UNITED AIRLINES
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 LAKE HAVASU, AZ CHAMPION 7ECA N2559F LAX92LA198 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 SUN VALLEY, CA ROBINSON R-22B N4081P LAX92LA199 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/12/1993) 03/12/1993 MODESTO, CA PIPER PA23-150 N2310B LAX92LA200 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/26/1993) 08/26/1993 BOYNTON BEACH, FL LET L-13 N99946 MIA92LA122 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 PARKDALE, OR CESSNA 172N N5096E SEA92LA090 Nonfatal
Tuesday, May 05, 1992
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 JACKSONVILLE, NC CESSNA 180B N5127E ATL92LA095 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 BENTON, AR CESSNA 150H N23506 FTW92LA126 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/08/1993) 10/08/1993 CAMARILLO, CA PIPER PA-32-301 N8408V LAX92FA201 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (01/04/1994) 01/04/1994 PINYON PINES, CA CESSNA 152 N67545 LAX92FA202 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 SOUTHBURY, CT BEECH A36 N36MR NYC92FA090 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 ST. JOHN, WA Rockwell S2R N8803Q SEA92LA091 Nonfatal
Wednesday, May 06, 1992
Probable Cause (04/02/1996) 04/02/1996 MT. PLEASANT, TN ROBINSON R-22 BETA N191KC ATL92FA096 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 MILFORD, IA HILLER UH-12E N8286 CHI92DCD04 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 FREELAND, MI GILLESPIE/PITTS S1C N71309 CHI92DEM02 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/04/1994) 01/04/1994 CUCAMONGA, CA PIPER PA-28-181 N1054H LAX92FA204 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 CAREFREE, AZ CESSNA 182K N2646R LAX92LA203 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 HEMET, CA SCHWEIZER 1-36 N3619U LAX92LA285 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 07, 1992
Probable Cause (06/11/1993) 06/11/1993 FALMOUTH, KY PIPER PA-24-250 N7851P BFO92LA055 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 VALENTINE, NE PIPER PA-23-250 N143AC CHI92IA141 Incident
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 GOLD BEACH, OR CESSNA 150F N8791G SEA92LA092 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 TOLEDO, WA FAIRCHILD 24W-40 N28517 SEA92LA094 Nonfatal
Friday, May 08, 1992
Probable Cause (06/21/1993) 06/21/1993 KENAI, AK CESSNA 180 N2940C ANC92LA068 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 SELDOVIA, AK CESSNA C-180J N7751K ANC92LA072 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 ELDON, MO CESSNA 150F N8081S CHI92LA146 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 ANAHEIM, CA ROBINSON R-22B N8064E LAX92FA206 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (09/14/1993) 09/14/1993 PERRIS, CA LAWRENCE H. MACEY QUICKSILVER GT500 N16LM LAX92LA207 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 ARCO, ID Aviat A-1 N200HU SEA92LA093 Nonfatal
Saturday, May 09, 1992
Probable Cause (09/17/1993) 09/17/1993 RUTH GLACIER, AK CESSNA 172 N73813 ANC92FA069A Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/17/1993) 09/17/1993 RUTH GLACIER, AK CESSNA 185 N1047F ANC92FA069B Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 TWIN HILLS, AK PIPER PA-22 N3498A ANC92LA070 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 CHITINA, AK CESSNA 182B N2669G ANC92LA071 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 SAMBURG, TN CESSNA 150G N2494J ATL92LA099 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 BOLIVAR, MO CEDRIC LEWELLEN SONERIA II N7063L CHI92DCG01 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 RICHMOND, TX NANCHANG YAK-18A N3210R FTW92FA127 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (09/14/1993) 09/14/1993 FRESNO, CA CORBUS/WINTERS BD-5B N811Q LAX92LA208 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 10, 1992
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 CARTERSVILLE, GA CESSNA 182J N2656F ATL92LA097 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 WENDELL, NC Avid Aircraft FLYER HEAVY HAULER N613AB ATL92LA098 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/29/1993) 09/29/1993 LUSBY, MD CESSNA 177 N177RD BFO92FA058 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 WARREN, VT CESSNA 150 N27395 BFO92LA056 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/11/1993) 06/11/1993 WEST MIFFLIN, PA CESSNA 210M N1411P BFO92LA057 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 HARVARD, IL TAYLORCRAFT F19 N3688T CHI92FA142 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 ARNOLD, NE PIPER PA-18 N7282K CHI92FA145 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 IONIA, MI Burkhart Grob G-103 N140BG CHI92LA143 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 BERLIN, WI Ercoupe (Eng & Research Corp.) 415-E N99819 CHI92LA144 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/26/1993) 08/26/1993 GREENBAY, WI CESSNA 150 N50610 CHI92LA147 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 FREDERICK, CO CESSNA 182 N5569B DEN92FA052 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 MASON, TX FORNEY F-1 N3009G FTW92LA128 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 CASA GRANDE, AZ MCQUEN GLASSAIR III N115DM LAX92LA235 Nonfatal
Monday, May 11, 1992
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 BELUGA, AK CESSNA C-150K N6202G ANC92LA073 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/21/1993) 06/21/1993 MILTON, DE CESSNA 172XP N4695K BFO92LA060 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/16/1993) 12/16/1993 TERRELL, TX PIPER PA-22-150 N7152D FTW92LA129 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 ANACORTES, WA Ryan ST-3KR N4223P SEA92LA095 Nonfatal
Tuesday, May 12, 1992
Probable Cause (06/11/1993) 06/11/1993 EASTON, PA PIPER PA-12 N98951 BFO92LA059 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 OLATHE, KS STINSON 108-2 N9694K CHI92LA148 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/23/1993) 07/23/1993 LONGMONT, CO BELLANCA 7GCBC N53853 DEN92LA051 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 FISHER, AR GRUMMAN G-164A N9640 FTW92LA130 Nonfatal
Factual (08/05/1996) SAN DIEGO, CA McDonnell Douglas 369E N16069 LAX92T#A05 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 BURLINGTON, WA ROBERT GRIFFITHS KITFOX MOD II N7183H SEA92LA096 Nonfatal
Wednesday, May 13, 1992
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 SOCCASTEE, SC PIPER PA-18-150 N3841Z ATL92LA100 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/11/1993) 06/11/1993 HOPKINSVILLE, KY Aerotek PITTS S-1S N4MG BFO92LA061 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/11/1993) 06/11/1993 VANDALIA, OH CESSNA 182M N71879 BFO92LA063 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 OLATHE, KS CESSNA 150 N1668Q CHI92LA149 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 TAFT, TX Air Tractor AT-401 N1518V FTW92LA131A Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 TAFT, TX Air Tractor AT-402 N407JH FTW92LA131B Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/14/1993) 09/14/1993 LOS ANGELES, CA BOEING 767-222 N604UA LAX92IA209 Incident SCHD UNITED AIRLINES
Probable Cause (08/26/1993) 08/26/1993 ROANOKE, VA BEECH BE-200 N30721 NYC92GA092 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 HOOD RIVER, OR BRANTLY-HYNES B-2B N5972X SEA92LA104 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 14, 1992
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 OLD MINTO, AK CESSNA 170B N1805C ANC92LA074 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/11/1993) 06/11/1993 MIDDLEBORO, MA CONTINENTAL COPTERS MK6B N9012T BFO92LA062 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/13/1996) 12/13/1996 HEBERT, LA AYRES S2R N5637X FTW92DRD01 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 WELSH, LA SCHWEIZER G-164D N8331K FTW92LA132 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 MOORELAND, OK AIR TRACTOR AT-501 N1006T FTW92LA134 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 PALACIOS, TX BOEING 737-200 N67SW FTW92LA142 Nonfatal SCHD SOUTHWEST AIRLINES CO.
Probable Cause (08/26/1993) 08/26/1993 CHUBBUCK, ID PIPER PA-25-235 N4488Y SEA92LA097 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/29/1993) 09/29/1993 KALISPELL, MT BELLANCA 8KCAB CGEAF SEA92LA099 Nonfatal
Friday, May 15, 1992
Probable Cause (01/27/1993) 01/27/1993 GREENVILLE, NC PIPER PA-32-260 N2259T ATL92FA102 Fatal(6)
Probable Cause (09/14/1993) 09/14/1993 SPRINGFIELD, MO PIPER PA-28-180 N9270J CHI92LA152 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/12/1993) 03/12/1993 STILWELL, OK CESSNA 150M N704CJ FTW92LA135 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 KINDER, LA GRUMMAN G-164A N8629H FTW92LA137 Nonfatal
Saturday, May 16, 1992
Probable Cause (06/11/1993) 06/11/1993 MANCHESTER, GA CESSNA 152 N4867H ATL92LA103 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 MADISON, VA BEECH 65 N30RR BFO92FA064 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 CALDWELL, NJ CESSNA 172 N54860 BFO92LA066 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 SAGINAW, MI BEECH C23 N6167Z CHI92LA150 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 S.LAKE TAHOE, CA CESSNA 182A N2031G LAX92LA210 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (09/14/1993) 09/14/1993 YAMHILL, OR AEROSPATIALE SA-341G N9000E SEA92FA100 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 BILLINGS, MT E.E. SHILLING Q-2 N21QQ SEA92LA103 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 17, 1992
Probable Cause (06/21/1993) 06/21/1993 SABINA, OH NORTH AMERICAN NAVION N8524H BFO92LA065 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/09/1993) 03/09/1993 VINE GROVE, KY Ercoupe (Eng & Research Corp.) 415C N93426 BFO92LA067 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 CAROLLTON, OH PIPER PA-24-180 N6105P BFO92LA068 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 IROQUOIS, SD PIPER PA-25-235 N4427Y CHI92DTK01 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/24/1993) 03/24/1993 FORT LAUDERDALE, FL ROBINSON R22 BETA N4026Q MIA92LA123 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/24/1993) 03/24/1993 DAYTONA BEACH, FL CESSNA 172-P N133ER MIA92LA124 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 GLENDIVE, MT MOONEY M20F N2920L SEA92FA101 Fatal(4)
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 DAVENPORT, WA BEECH S35 N9015S SEA92LA102 Fatal(1)
Monday, May 18, 1992
Probable Cause (06/21/1993) 06/21/1993 PRINCETON, NJ CESSNA 172P N55110 BFO92FA069 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 OSAGE CITY, KS PIPER PA-28-140 N15619 CHI92LA153 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/26/1993) 08/26/1993 COLORADO SPRING, CO CESSNA R172E N146AC DEN92LA053 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 CARSWELL AFB, TX CESSNA 310K N6980L FTW92FA133 Nonfatal
Factual (08/05/1996) EDWARDS AFB, CA MITSUBISHI MU2B-36 N742FN LAX92TL#06 Fatal(2)
Tuesday, May 19, 1992
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 IMLAY CITY, MI CESSNA 188A N9946G CHI92DEC01 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 CLIMAX SPRINGS, MO CESSNA 172M N80255 CHI92LA151 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 CHANDLER, AZ TAYLORCRAFT BL N26535 LAX92FA211 Fatal(2)
Wednesday, May 20, 1992
Probable Cause (03/24/1993) 03/24/1993 ELBA, AL CESSNA 188 N5519S ATL92LA104 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (06/21/1993) 06/21/1993 MORRISVILLE, VT PIPER PA-28-161 N2950K BFO92LA070 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 JEFFERSONVILLE, IN JAMES D. BIERLY VARI-EZ N64SJ CHI92DEX01 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/29/1993) 09/29/1993 ROBINSON, IL CESSNA 150H N7200S CHI92LA154 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (10/15/1993) 10/15/1993 MOLINE, IL BEECH 77 N18244 CHI92LA159 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 PORT SULPHUR, LA CESSNA 182Q N735SW FTW92LA136 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/11/1993) 06/11/1993 COTTONWOOD, AZ CESSNA 150 N191P LAX92FA212 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 BIG TIMBER, MT SCHWEIZER SGS-1-35C N2739H SEA92LA098 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 21, 1992
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 MCGRATH, AK PIPER PA-22 N6840B ANC92LA086 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/09/1993) 03/09/1993 TURNER, ME CESSNA U206E N9446G BFO92LA071 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 POUGHKEEPSIE, NY CESSNA 172P N97154 BFO92LA073 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 DEKALB, IL CESSNA 172RG N6510V CHI92LA155 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 GREENWOOD, IL PIPER PA-20 N6989K CHI92LA156 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/29/1993) 07/29/1993 SOUTH BEND, IN CESSNA 150 N6349G CHI92LA157 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 DES ARC, AR PIPER PA-25-260 N7354Z FTW92LA138 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/23/1993) 07/23/1993 VAN, TX Ercoupe (Eng & Research Corp.) 415-CD N3454H FTW92LA139 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 NEW CUYAMA, CA AIR TRACTOR AT-301 N3170A LAX92LA213 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/14/1993) 09/14/1993 ST. IGNATIUS, MT CESSNA 177B N30922 SEA92FA113 Fatal(4)
Probable Cause (03/24/1993) 03/24/1993 REDMOND, OR CESSNA A188A N9990G SEA92LA108 Nonfatal
Friday, May 22, 1992
Probable Cause (06/21/1993) 06/21/1993 WILLOW, AK AERONCA CHAMPION 7CCM N82568 ANC92LA075 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 PORT BAINBRIDGE, AK PIPER PA-12 N3717M ANC92LA081 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/08/1993) 04/08/1993 ST FRANCIS, ME CESSNA 172N N739GM BFO92LA074 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 GLENDALE, AZ COBB INTL EXEC 90 N7656T LAX92LA214 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/15/1993) 10/15/1993 EATONVILLE, WA CESSNA 172B N7579X SEA92FA114 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 SPRAY, OR CESSNA A185F N61167 SEA92LA106 Nonfatal
Saturday, May 23, 1992
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 BIRCHWOOD, AK PIPER PA-12-150 N7869H ANC92LA076 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 ALEXANDER CREEK, AK DE HAVILLAND DHC-2-T N4478 ANC92LA077 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/12/1993) 03/12/1993 SEALE, AL CESSNA 152 N49449 ATL92FA106 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/24/1993) 03/24/1993 WETUMPKA, AL MAULE M-5-210C N62047 ATL92FA107 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (07/29/1993) 07/29/1993 N.MYRTLE BEACH, SC CESSNA 150E N6209R ATL92LA105 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/23/1993) 07/23/1993 CAMILLUS, NY PIPER J3C N88070 BFO92LA072 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 SAXONBURG, PA PIPER PA-28-180 N55733 BFO92LA076 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/09/1993) 03/09/1993 COATESVILLE, PA CESSNA 172M N733PG BFO92LA081 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/26/1993) 08/26/1993 OSHKOSH, WI AERONCA O-58B N47373 CHI92LA158 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 ARLINGTON, TX ARDOVINO MARIUCCI CRI-CRI MC-12 N71AM FTW92LA140 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/13/1993) 08/13/1993 WALNUT RIDGE, AR GRUMMAN G-164B N8380K FTW92LA143 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/11/1993) 06/11/1993 LIVE OAK, CA SCHWEIZER G-164B N8412K LAX92LA215 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 ELY, NV QUESTAIR VENTURE N3VD LAX92LA216 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 VANCOUVER, WA DONALD E. CROCKER RV-6 N116DC SEA92LA107 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 24, 1992
Probable Cause (08/30/1993) 08/30/1993 KAHILTNA GLACIE, AK CESSNA 185 N124KT ANC92LA078 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 CHEROKEE, NC CESSNA 172B N8102X ATL92FA108 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 SOUTHHAMPTON, NJ AEROSTAR AX-9 - S-66A N3604Y BFO92LA082 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/04/1994) 01/04/1994 ADELANTO, CA WILLIS HOMEBUILT GYROCOPTER NONE LAX92LA218 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/09/1993) 03/09/1993 YULEE, FL CESSNA 175 N7044M MIA92LA125 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/24/1993) 03/24/1993 CROSS CITY, FL CESSNA T188C N4547J MIA92LA126 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/29/1993) 09/29/1993 COLBURN, ID CESSNA 172L N3988Q SEA92FA109 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/09/1993) 03/09/1993 DEER PARK, WA I.C.A. Brasov IS-28B2 N28CL SEA92LA118 Nonfatal
Monday, May 25, 1992
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 FUNTER BAY, AK PIPER PA-32-300 N15950 ANC92LA079 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 WESTHAMPTON BCH, NY PIPER PA-34-200 N15109 BFO92LA077 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 DECATUR, IL SCHWEITZER MUSTANG II N91ES CHI92DEV02 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 GROVELAND, CA AEROSPATIALE TB-20 N2824F LAX92LA223 Nonfatal
Tuesday, May 26, 1992
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 PORT HEIDEN, AK PIPER PA-12 N3558M ANC92LA080 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/29/1993) 07/29/1993 MANTEO, NC CESSNA 210F N5811F ATL92LA112 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 JOHNSTOWN, NY MOONEY M20F N9541M BFO92LA075 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/09/1993) 03/09/1993 BOULDER, CO CESSNA T210H N57AB DEN92LA054 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/12/1993) 03/12/1993 GRAFORD, TX BELLANCA 17-30A N9742E FTW92LA141 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 BUTTE CITY, CA GRUMMAN G-164C N6596K LAX92LA219 Nonfatal
Wednesday, May 27, 1992
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 MIDDLESEX, NY CESSNA 150M N8569U BFO92LA078 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 MIDDLETOWN, DE RICHARD N. BURNS KR-2 N183RB BFO92LA079 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 AVALON, CA BEECH S-35 N5874S LAX92FA220 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (06/11/1993) 06/11/1993 LONE PINE, CA CESSNA 182E N9340X LAX92LA221 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 LANCASTER, CA CESSNA 182K N2867R LAX92LA222 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/26/1993) 08/26/1993 MIAMI, FL PIPER PA-28-140 N5830U MIA92LA129 Nonfatal
Thursday, May 28, 1992
Probable Cause (07/29/1993) 07/29/1993 GARDNER, ND PIPER PA-25-235 N6541Z CHI92DTG01 Nonfatal
Factual (08/05/1996) OAKLAND, CA ENSTROM F-28C N120PD LAX92TL#07 Nonfatal
Friday, May 29, 1992
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 SNOW LAKE, AK CHAMPION 7GCB N9897Y ANC92LA082 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 WINNSBORO, SC AEROSPATIALE AS350B N5806K ATL92FA109 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/29/1993) 09/29/1993 DANBURY, CT PIPER PA-60-602P N94RC BFO92LA080 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 MONARCH, MT PIPER PA-28-140 N6434R SEA92LA110 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 MT. PLEASANT, UT CESSNA 152 N108ES SEA92LA111 Nonfatal
Saturday, May 30, 1992
Probable Cause (09/14/1993) 09/14/1993 MARSHALL, MO A. H. GETTINGS GLASSAIR SH2 N18KG CHI92DCG02 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 MAMOU, LA GRUMMAN G-164B N6808Q FTW92LA144 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (10/08/1993) 10/08/1993 VOLCANOES NTL P, HI HUGHES 369D N1100A LAX92LA224 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 LONE PINE, CA CESSNA 185E N3349L LAX92LA240 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 SAFFORD, AZ CESSNA 172L N4163L LAX92LA248 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 CLEWISTON, FL CESSNA 172-H N3793R MIA92FA127 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (08/31/1993) 08/31/1993 WENATCHEE, WA ENSTROM 280FX N86239 SEA92LA112 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 YAKIMA, WA CESSNA 172L N7583G SEA92LA117 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/14/1993) 09/14/1993 ROSALIA, WA BELLANCA 7ACA N9159L SEA92LA220 Nonfatal
Sunday, May 31, 1992
Probable Cause (07/29/1993) 07/29/1993 WHITE HOUSE, TN WICKS BOBCAT N9CK ATL92LA110 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/24/1993) 03/24/1993 LANDRUM, SC HOPKINS, R. AND M. PROTECH PT-2 N523MH ATL92LA114 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/26/1993) 07/26/1993 WASHBURN, IA RUTTER 532 COMMANDER N211CL CHI92DCD05 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (09/28/1993) 09/28/1993 LAKE MILLS, IA RONNIE BAKER BEE 2 N5141B CHI92DCD06 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/07/1995) 04/07/1995 LAKE CITY, CO BEECH 35-C33 N2742T FTW94LA288 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (09/14/1993) 09/14/1993 TUCSON, AZ SCHEMPP-HIRTH VENTUS A/16.6 N8KS LAX92LA225 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/26/1993) 05/26/1993 STRAWBERRY, AZ CESSNA 172RG N9645B LAX92LA228 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (06/30/1993) 06/30/1993 COCOA BEACH, FL CESSNA A150L N106DM MIA92LA128 Fatal(2)