National Transportation Safety Board -- Dec 2006 Aviation Accidents

Report(s) Status
Probable Cause Released Location Make / Model Regist. Number NTSB No. Event Severity Type of Air Carrier Operation and Carrier Name (Doing Business As)
Friday, December 01, 2006
Probable Cause (07/15/2010) 01/31/2008 Crookston, MN CESSNA N9850G CHI07FA032 Fatal(2) Part 91: General Aviation
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 San Diego, CA Learjet 36 N26FN LAX07TA051 Nonfatal
Foreign (01/25/2007) Nadi, Fiji Robinson R44 LAX07WA057 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Point Roberts, WA Riley D-16A N119N SEA07CA032 Nonfatal
Saturday, December 02, 2006
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Camerson, TX Stits Flut-R-Bug SA6B N3129 DFW07CA033 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (06/27/2007) 06/27/2007 Norman, OK Noble Vans RV-7A N216RV DFW07LA032 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (09/27/2007) 09/27/2007 West Dover, VT Smith, Ted Aerostar 601P N9797Q NYC07FA038 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 North Bend, OR Holloway RV6A N914C SEA07LA025 Fatal(2)
Sunday, December 03, 2006
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 Atlanta, GA Piper PA 46-350P N46PT CHI07LA035 Nonfatal
Foreign (12/14/2006) Langenthal, Switzerland 107.5 Flying Corporation One Design DR 107 N107FP DEN07WA031 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Jacksboro, TX Piper PA-24-250 N5697P DFW07CA034 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Livermore Falls, ME Cessna 150F N8019F NYC07LA040 Nonfatal
Monday, December 04, 2006
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Conyers, GA Piper PA-15 N4540H ATL07LA024 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Miami, FL Waco Classic Aircraft Corp. YMF-F5C N113KJ MIA07CA025 Nonfatal
Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Probable Cause (02/26/2007) 02/26/2007 Menominee, MI Cessna C-425 N425JP CHI07CA033 Nonfatal
Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Foreign (12/08/2006) Deauville, France Raytheon Corporate Jets Premier DCA07WA014 Incident
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Humnoke, AR Piper J3C-65 N7054H DFW07CA035 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 Eureka, CA Cessna 150G N3394J LAX07LA052 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Lake Stevens, WA Cessna 310B N6640B SEA07LA026 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Burns, OR Cessna P210N N6006P SEA07LA030 Nonfatal
Thursday, December 07, 2006
Foreign (12/08/2006) London, United Kingdom Boeing 747-4Q8 DCA07WA015 Incident
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Falcon, CO Piper PA-28-180 N6487J DEN07CA035 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Mojave, CA North American AT-6C N9525C LAX07CA053 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (12/28/2008) 12/28/2008 Summersville, WV MOONEY M20R N9165T NYC07FA041 Fatal(1) Part 91: General Aviation
Friday, December 08, 2006
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 Lake in the Hil, IL Cessna 172R N913MA CHI07LA034 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Gillette, WY Fairchild SA227BC N779BC DEN07LA036 Nonfatal NSCH
Saturday, December 09, 2006
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 Vienna, MO Cessna 140 N76379 CHI07LA039 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/28/2008) 05/28/2008 Bakersfield, CA John Lauer Harmon Rocket II N604JL LAX07LA054 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (06/30/2008) 06/30/2008 Edgewater, MD Cessna 210K N9449M NYC07FA042 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Antelope Island, UT Piper PA-12 N3222M SEA07CA027 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Bountiful, UT Robinson R-22 N611SC SEA07LA028 Nonfatal
Sunday, December 10, 2006
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Taylorsville, NC Fagan Rans S-6S N949S ATL07LA025 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Johns Island, SC Ridgway Bensen B8M N7030T ATL07LA026 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Waukegan, IL Bombardier, Inc. BD-100-1A10 N523FX CHI07CA075 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Waco, TX Cessna 310Q N69677 DFW07FA036 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (07/30/2008) 07/30/2008 Hesperia, CA Bell 412SP N410MA LAX07FA056 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (07/30/2008) 07/30/2008 Chandler, AZ Higher Class Aviation Super Hornet N45YB LAX07LA055 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Northhampton, MA Cessna 172R N9421Z NYC07CA046 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Charlottesville, VA Piper PA-32R-300 N8349C NYC07FA043 Fatal(1)
Monday, December 11, 2006
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Raytown, MO Bell 407 N302LE CHI07IA042 Incident NSCH
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Coalton, OH Navion Navion G N33FL CHI07LA036 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Houma, LA Hughes 269B N9396F DFW07CA037 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Danbury, CT Piper PA-28-151 N44635 NYC07CA045 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Laurel, MT Cessna 172RG N6501V SEA07CA029 Nonfatal
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Foreign (06/23/2009) Lelystad, Netherlands Gulfstream American Corp 690C N840PN CEN09WA360 Incident
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Boulder City, NV Extra Flugzeugbau GMBH EA 300/L N91BH SEA07CA033 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Bandon, OR Piper PA-28-140 N5618U SEA07FA031 Fatal(1)
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Williamson, GA Piper J-2 N16651 ATL07CA027 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 Waterloo, IA Piper PA-31T1 N20DL CHI07LA037 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Naples, FL Lingwall Rebich-Pitts N427RD MIA07LA026A Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Naples, FL Piper PA-28-161 N970AC MIA07LA026B Nonfatal
Thursday, December 14, 2006
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 Port Heiden, AK Piper PA-32-301 N8361Q ANC07FA007 Fatal(2) SCHD
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Gregory, MI Schleicher AS-K13 N545TT CHI07CA040 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 Peoria, IL Beech B36TC N30799 CHI07LA038 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Middletown, NY Cessna 172C N8260X NYC07CA049 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (09/27/2007) 09/27/2007 Montgomery, NY Cessna 310Q N8FH NYC07FA047 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Dagsboro, DE Bell 407 N407JJ NYC07FA048 Fatal(2) NSCH
Friday, December 15, 2006
Probable Cause (06/27/2007) 06/27/2007 Colorado Spring, CO Boeing 737-824 N24202 DEN07IA037 Incident SCHD Continental Airlines, Inc. (D.B.A. Commercial Service)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Brackettville, TX Cessna 421 N642CB DFW07CA038 Nonfatal
Foreign (12/27/2006) Cadiz, Spain Piper PA-34-220T DFW07WA040 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Palm Beach Gard, FL Richard F. Sheldon Aventura II N554FS MIA07CA027 Nonfatal
Saturday, December 16, 2006
Foreign (12/26/2006) Augsburg, Germany Piper PA-46-350P N90U DEN07WA038 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Jay, OK Bellanca 17-30A N39858 DFW07FA039 Fatal(3)
Foreign (10/20/2009) Mount Isa Queensland, Australia, Australia SAAB 340 ENG06WA040 Incident
Foreign (12/20/2006) Mbeya, Tanzania Cessna 310Q WAS07WA005 Fatal(2)
Sunday, December 17, 2006
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Hoschton, GA Scharnhorst RV-4 N360WS ATL07LA028 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (02/28/2008) 02/28/2008 Bucyrus, OH Piper PA-24-260 N9073P CHI07FA041 Fatal(4)
Probable Cause (09/26/2008) 09/26/2008 North Canton, OH Cessna 560 N49NS CHI07LA043 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (09/27/2007) 09/27/2007 Cape Coral, FL Cessna 150K N6069G MIA07LA028 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Bonners Ferry, ID Cessna 172 N19698 SEA07CA034 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Phoenix, AZ Piper PA 23-235 N5829X SEA07LA036 Nonfatal
Monday, December 18, 2006
Probable Cause (12/20/2007) 12/20/2007 Fayetteville, AR Beech A36 N1100J DFW07FA041 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (06/30/2008) 06/30/2008 Young, AZ Cirrus Design Corp. SR22 N457S LAX07FA062 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Gilroy, CA Beech D95A N144PG SEA07FA035 Fatal(3)
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Austin, TX Cessna T210N N5434C DFW07FA042 Fatal(1)
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Cheyboygan, MI Piper PA-22-150 N5811D CHI07CA044 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/02/2010) 04/25/2007 Fresno, CA Piper PA-28R-180 N4666J SEA07LA050 Nonfatal Unknown
Thursday, December 21, 2006
Probable Cause (06/27/2007) 06/27/2007 Grand Prairie, TX Eurocopter EC120B N171AE DFW07LA043 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/30/2008) 07/30/2008 Concord, CA Piper PA-46-350P N1AM LAX07FA059 Fatal(4)
Probable Cause (02/28/2008) 02/28/2008 Big Pine, CA Piper PA-28-161 N9141Y LAX07FA060 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (02/28/2008) 02/28/2008 Chandler, AZ Cessna 152 N5295B LAX07LA058 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Merritt Island, FL Clopton Aero LLC Aerocomp Compair 7SL N286JL MIA07LA032 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Rexburg, ID Cavalier Aircraft Corp. F51D Mustang N251RM SEA07LA037 Nonfatal
Friday, December 22, 2006
Probable Cause (04/30/2008) 04/30/2008 Charleston, SC Cessna 340A N808RA ATL07FA029 Fatal(4)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Mosinee, WI Beech 99 N799CZ CHI07CA049 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Chattanooga, TN Beech A36 N3704B CHI07FA045 Fatal(4)
Probable Cause (09/26/2008) 09/26/2008 Bridgeport, CA Piper PA-28-140 N8001H LAX07FA061 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (12/28/2008) 12/28/2008 Greenhead, FL CESSNA 421B N70BC MIA07FA029 Fatal(5) Part 91: General Aviation
Probable Cause (06/27/2007) 06/27/2007 Blaine, WA Piper PA-22-150 N7124D SEA07LA038 Nonfatal
Saturday, December 23, 2006
Probable Cause (08/30/2007) 08/30/2007 Anchorage, AK Boeing 747-228F N752SA ANC07LA008 Nonfatal NSCH (D.B.A. Southern Air)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Boulder City, NV Belcher Helicycle N6912B LAX07CA063 Nonfatal
Sunday, December 24, 2006
Foreign (01/08/2007) Makassar, Indonesia Boeing B737-400 DCA07WA017 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Cottonwood Fall, KS Cessna 172N N4811G DEN07CA043 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Lithia, FL Morgan, Marvin R. Zenair CH701 STOL N817DJ MIA07CA030 Nonfatal
Monday, December 25, 2006
Probable Cause (06/30/2008) 06/30/2008 Lawrenceville, GA Cessna 414A N62950 ATL07FA030 Fatal(3)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Broomfield, CO Cessna T210M N6051N DEN07CA039 Nonfatal
Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Probable Cause (01/31/2008) 01/31/2008 Nashville, TN Gates Learjet 35A N136WE ANC07LA009 Nonfatal NSCH
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 North St. Louis, MO Cessna T210L N6864C CHI07CA047 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/28/2008) 05/28/2008 Jasper, TN Rockwell International 114 N55MB CHI07FA046 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Eastland, TX Cessna 150M N9364U DFW07CA044 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Tulsa, OK Cessna 172S N159RA DFW07LA056 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/24/2010) 06/30/2008 San Diego, CA Boeing 737-7H4 N207WN LAX07LA064A Nonfatal SCHD Part 121: Air Carrier SOUTHWEST AIRLINES CO
Probable Cause (03/24/2010) 06/30/2008 San Diego, CA BOEING 737-3A4 N673AA LAX07LA064B Nonfatal SCHD Part 121: Air Carrier SOUTHWEST AIRLINES CO
Probable Cause (03/03/2009) 03/03/2009 Miami, FL Boeing 747-436 G-BNLM MIA07IA031 Incident SCHD Part 129: Foreign British Airways
Probable Cause (09/26/2008) 09/26/2008 Johnstown, PA Cessna 414 N400CS NYC07FA051 Fatal(2)
Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Mt. Gilead, OH Mooney M-20F N9596M CHI07FA048 Fatal(2)
Probable Cause (07/27/2009) 03/26/2007 Lakeshore, MS Ercoupe (Eng & Research Corp.) 415-C N2021H DFW07CA045 Nonfatal Part 91: General Aviation
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Houston, TX Cessna 172M N172BP DFW07CA046 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Minden, NV Burkhart Grob G-103A N794G LAX07CA066 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Lake Hughes, CA Beech A36 N4598S LAX07LA065 Nonfatal
Thursday, December 28, 2006
Probable Cause (02/28/2008) 02/28/2008 Belleville, IL Piper PA-24-260B N9284P CHI07LA056 Nonfatal
Foreign (01/12/2007) Medan, Indonesia Boeing 737-400 DCA07WA018 Incident
Friday, December 29, 2006
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Rapid City, SD Beech B-99 N99TH CHI07LA050 Nonfatal NSCH
Foreign (01/04/2007) Cantal Region, France Piper PA-28-161 DEN07WA041 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (07/25/2007) 07/25/2007 Grants Pass, OR Averyt Vans RV-4 N234RV SEA07LA039 Nonfatal
Saturday, December 30, 2006
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Ashville, NC Beech BE-23 N2319L ANC07CA010 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Mineral Wells, TX Hughes 269C N9655F DFW07CA050 Nonfatal
Foreign (01/18/2007) Culiacan, Mexico Sabreliner Corp. NA-265T39 DFW07WA054 Fatal(2)
Foreign (07/31/2007) Auckland, New Zealand Boeing 767-300ER(F) ENG07WA010 Incident
Probable Cause (12/20/2007) 12/20/2007 Van Nuys, CA Cessna 140 N9198Z LAX07LA081 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (05/29/2007) 05/29/2007 Hillsboro, OR Tessier Avid Flyer N93TT SEA07LA040 Fatal(1)
Foreign (01/08/2007) Nairobi, Kenya de Havilland DHC-5 WAS07WA006 Nonfatal
Sunday, December 31, 2006
Probable Cause (11/29/2007) 11/29/2007 Albany, GA Cessna T210N N5093A ANC07LA011 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Romeo, MI Piper PA-32-300 N888PR CHI07LA051 Fatal(1)
Foreign (02/06/2007) Athens, Greece Boeing B757-200 DCA07WA021 Incident
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Canon City, CO MINO Kitfox 3 N928LM DEN07LA042 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Crystal Beach, TX Piper PA 32R 301T N5319J DFW07CA047 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Spicewood, TX Cessna 172S N988SP DFW07CA048 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (04/25/2007) 04/25/2007 Jackpot, NV Piper PA-28-180 N7769W LAX07CA070 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 San Diego, CA Cessna 150J N50814 LAX07LA067 Fatal(1)
Probable Cause (03/26/2007) 03/26/2007 Cumberland, MD Piper PA-28-181 N348TF NYC07CA053 Nonfatal
Probable Cause (03/31/2008) 03/31/2008 Charlotte, NC Cessna TR182 N7090S NYC07FA052 Fatal(4)