Strategic Goal No. 4 - Provide outstanding mission support

Providing mission support in achieving our first three goals is imperative if we are to retain our leadership in influencing changes, increasing transparency and outreach, and advancing transportation safety. Strategic Goal No. 4 captures the overall nature of the organization—excellence—and ensures that the agency is able to fulfill our broad mission.

The strategic objectives for this goal promote the outcomes of maintaining agency resources; improving employee safety and health knowledge, human capital, diversity, and inclusion; and maintaining effective communications. This goal emphasizes the agency's challenge to enhance our management of information and data to ensure reliable and consistent information for management and staff. We remain focused on hiring the right people and on effectively capturing and transferring knowledge, furthering our primary commitment to independently advancing transportation safety. We foster a culture of leadership, diversity, and accountability that enables decision-making while establishing a commitment to teamwork and collaboration. In addition, we strive to meet challenges with innovation and urgency. Collectively, these efforts lay the groundwork for achieving this strategic goal as well as our entire mission.

To achieve this goal, the following objectives and strategies will be applied:


  • Efficiently utilize and manage agency resources.
  • Align and improve human capital planning and diversity.


  • Provide accurate, timely, and useful financial information to agency managers and staff for effective decision-making.
  • Manage agency information and employ information technology to improve the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of agency programs and to enhance the availability and usefulness of information to all users, both within and outside the agency.
  • Continue to improve safety and health training and education to assist the agency in employing sound risk management practices.
  • Use innovative strategies to recruit, develop and retain a high-quality, diverse workforce.
  • Create an agency-wide performance culture focused on individual and organizational accountability toward achievement of the NTSB's programmatic goals and priorities.
  • Sustain a learning environment that provides a continuing improvement in performance through knowledge management, performance feedback, training, coaching, and mentoring.
  • Continue to foster a work environment that is free of discrimination and provides maximum opportunities for all employees to use their diverse talents in support of the NTSB's mission and goals.
  • Continue to identify new methods for the agency to communicate internally and externally.

Performance Measures

  • Obtain an audit opinion on financial statements to ensure records are maintained to the highest level of integrity.
  • Increase integration of Information Technology (IT) solutions into NTSB mission and administrative processes.
  • Obtain positive responses to the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and other oversight body reports.
  • Implement the NTSB Safety and Occupational Health Program.
  • Develop and implement a Strategic Hiring Plan.
  • Increase the percentage of employee participation in formal and informal development programs.
  • Implement diversity and inclusion organizational development activities.

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