NTSB Conference Center

The NTSB Conference Center is the primary location for the National Transportation Safety Board's Board meetings, public hearings, training, public forums, symposiums, and other events.

Reservation Information

For Conference Center reservations or questions send an email to: reservation@ntsb.gov

National Transportation Safety Board
429 L'Enfant Plaza, SW
Washington, DC 20594
Phone: 202.314.6305

The Conference Center may also be rented for other functions. The facility consists of a theater-style auditorium and three separate conference rooms, all equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual components.



Take 12th Street exit off of 395. The street entrance is located on Lower 10th Street just below the L'Enfant Plaza Promenade running between D Street and Frontage Road, SW. Public garage parking is immediately adjacent.

Public Transportation

From the L'Enfant Plaza Metro: Yellow, Green, Orange or Blue Line. Follow the 9th and D Street exit signs, walk through the shopping plaza toward CVS and Post Office, take the escalator down to the Conference Center front entrance.

Metro exit at 9th and D Streets SW

Take the 9th & D / L'Enfant Plaza exit, walk through shopping promenade past the atrium, and take escalator down to lower level. The stop is on yellow, green, orange, and blue lines. This is the most direct route to the Conference Center, and all indoors (thus preferable on days with inclement weather).

Metro exit at 7th and D Streets SW

After taking escalator from Metro, turn left onto D Street.  Cross at 7th Street traffic light and stay on D Street.  Walk another block and cross at 9th Street traffic light.  Walk one more block on D Street and turn left at traffic light onto 10th Street just after the Enterprise Car Rental (do not cross 10th Street; you will be underneath building).  Continue along 10th Street, cross garage entrance/exit lanes and enter under the black awning (the street side of the awning says 420 10th St. SW).  The NTSB Conference Center is steps away from the entrance.

Wheelchair Access from Street

The curbside street entrance on lower 10th street below the L’Enfant Plaza Promenade running between D street and Frontage Road, S.W or via the public parking garage, which is immediately adjacent with an elevator that leads to the L’Enfant Plaza Promenade level.  Wheelchair access from the Promenade level is available on the north side entrance (near the L’Enfant Plaza McDonalds) by contacting the NTSB at 202-314-6305 or 202-329-1539 and/or the NTSB Communications Center at 202-314-6290

Wheelchair Access via Metro:

The only available L'Enfant Plaza metro exit for wheelchair access via elevator is at the Maryland/7th street exit (from that location the L' Enfant Plaza Promenade entrance is directly behind the HUD building on 7th Street).

WMATA Map showing L'Enfant Plaza - Click to view full Metro System Map

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Walking directions to NTSB Board Room


The conference center consists of a theater-style auditorium and four separate conference rooms, all equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual components.

Other amenities include copier, fax machine, telephones, sink, refrigerator, microwave, ice machine, and restrooms.



The centerpiece of our facility is a theater-style auditorium that seats up to 350 people with
1,682 square feet of flexible space in front of the theater.

Conference Rooms

Three conference rooms are available adjacent to the board room auditorium. Each has basic A/V services with some variation as to size and content of the rooms.

Conference Room A & B

  • Combined size 21’ x 39’ (100 persons)
  • Optional divider to split rooms (50 persons)
  • Phone, Fax
  • Projector/screen (Conference room B only)
  • Sink, refrigerator, microwave and ice machine (Conference room A only)

Conference Room C (Press Room)

  • Size: 20’ x 25’ (50 persons)
  • Multi-phone lines
  • Projector/screen
  • Viewing access to auditorium
  • Data lines

Conference Room D (Family Room)

  • Size: 20’ x 25’ (50 persons)
  • Phone
  • Projector/screen
  • Viewing/listening access to auditorium
  • Soundproof divider

Audiovisual Services

The NTSB Conference Center offers numerous state-of-the-art audiovisual services. Some of the most requested services are listed below.

  • Two 12' x 10' Rear Projection Screens (controlled separately)
  • Broadcast (RGB and Video) capabilities to all projection screens
  • Mult Box and External connections for satellite trucks or other press equipment
  • Projection capabilities to all conference center rooms
  • Tele-video conferencing
    (ISDN phone lines available)
  • Live or delayed broadcast of events to Web sites through George Mason University.

    Laptop—you may request a computer to be provided, or use one of your own for a presentation. PowerPoint—all versions are supported. You may provide your presentation on
    CD-Rom or Jump Drive.

    Large Rear Projection Screens
    Two 12’x10’ rear projection screens with capacity for separate control function are available in the auditorium only.

    Projection Screens
    Each conference room is capable of operating separately for small gatherings, or they can be linked with the auditorium rear projection screens for larger multi space events.

    Video Cameras
    Five remote controlled cameras are permanently mounted to the ceiling of the auditorium. If additional camera angles are needed, consult with our A/V specialist to arrange for changes to this space.
    Portable video camera and tripod—available for meetings in rooms other than the auditorium.

    VHS and BETA Players
    VHS decks are available for use in any location.
    A BETA player is available for use by special request.

    Standard—tabletop and podium microphones are available for use in the auditorium.
    Wireless—handheld and lavalier wireless microphones are available upon request.

    Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing, and Webcasting
    Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing are available upon request.
    Webcasting, whether live or delayed, is available upon request. However this feature is limited to the auditorium.
    ISDN phone lines are available for an additional cost.
    A Mult box and External Connections for both audio and video feeds to satellite trucks and other press equipment.

    The center can be easily accessed by wheelchair and is designed to accommodate persons protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Attractions and Landmarks

The Conference Center is located near some of Washington D.C.'s most popular attractions and national landmarks.


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