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Managing and Directing Safety Investigations
(Open to NASA NESC participants only)

Description This course will explore the approaches and methods the NTSB employs to conduct accident investigations to demonstrate how any organization with a safety mission can effectively manage an investigation, including the creation of reports and recommendations designed to increase operational safety. 
ID Code AS303

April 11-14, 2007 (Past)

August 28-31, 2007 (Tuesday -  Friday)

Time 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Location NTSB Training Center • 45065 Riverside Parkway • Ashburn, Virginia 20147
CEUs 2.5
Status OPEN. Registrations are now being accepted.
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Employees of NASA's NESC division should register to attend no later than Friday, August 10.

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NTSB Accident Investigations

  • Philosophy and methodology of independent investigations
  • Response and initial concerns
  • Maintaining independence and objectivity
  • Setting up investigative groups and parties

Managing Investigations

  • Managing investigative groups and parties
  • Finding physical evidence and developing data
  • Analysis of factual information and making conclusions
  • Constructing accident reports
  • Developing and issuing safety recommendations
Investigative Case Studies
A highly interactive walk-through of real world examples providing participants with the opportunity to put core concepts into practice with the benefit of guidance and constructive feedback from experienced NTSB aviation accident investigators.

Course Project
Participants will be organized into groups that will each investigate a particular aircraft accident, from start to finish.  Each group will select their own director, investigator-in-charge, and various group specialists. They will conduct an organizational meeting, progress meetings, and a press conference.  At the conclusion of the course, each team will present an oral argument of the factual findings and analysis of their case to a three-member "board."

Performance Results Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:
  • Establish, direct and manage a complete program to investigate any type of accident
  • Increase both the accuracy of investigative findings and the confidence that stakeholders have in them by employing proven programs developed by the NTSB
  • Employ methods to build and encourage a culture of safety awareness and advocacy
  • Generate recommendations to improve operational safety
  • Work more effectively with parties to an investigation
  • Communicate factual information to the media about the progress of the investigation while avoiding speculation as to the cause(s) of the accident
Who May Attend Only participants from NASA NESC may attend this program.
More Information Email TrainingCenter@ntsb.gov or call (571) 223-3900