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Transportation Disaster Response A Course for Emergency Responders (TDA402)


When asked if the course was informative and applicable to their work...

  • "We believed we were somewhat prepared to respond. This course revealed several areas where we require modifications or in some cases, the creation of some new procedures or policies."
  • "Will be extremely helpful in the completion of our response plan."
  • "Wish I’d had this before 9/11."
  • "Highly recommend to upper management of police departments and fire/rescue personnel."
  • "Best class I have been to in years."
  • "I learned about issues related to work responsibilities, unexpected problems, and stress that I had not thought about before."
  • "I wish I had received this class early in my law enforcement career."
  • "Very well-spent money, excellent bang for my training dollar."
  • "My first NTSB training. It was great. I am taking a lot of new info back."
  • "The course was well organized and very interesting."
When asked about the quality of the instructors...
  • "Without a doubt the best cadre of instructors I have ever dealt with."
  • "Instructors did an extremely good job of presenting their material, well spoken and clear."
  • "Very thorough, well-prepared and presented, very interesting and informative, never boring."
  • "Each instructor’s credibility was enhanced by their obvious experience, all did an excellent job."
  • "The instructors were extremely well prepared."
  • "All were well informed of their subjects."
  • "I am impressed by the experience and credentials of the course instructors and presenters."
  • "All instructors were knowledgeable and presented the information in a clear manner and were extremely willing to answer any questions."
When asked if they enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others...
  • "Definitely – this is an area that I am unfamiliar with, it clearly raised the need for disaster planning and preparation."
  • "This course is being recommended to all upper management and scene commanders."
  • "More front-line supervisors and administrators should attend the class."
  • "Every officer involved in Emergency Management should attend this course."
  • "I will be recommending this program to our local PD."
  • "All police supervisors, fire/rescue supervisors and other emergency service agencies should attend this course."
  • "Excellent training – I now know contacts for information on policy, disasters, clean up, etc."
  • "All of the NTSB staff were very helpful and provided me with tools and motivation to re-examine our disaster plan."
  • "The course was great and brought up several challenges to consider when confronted with a major accident."
Additional comments...
  • "Very effective in the utilization of both written and audio-visual media."
  • "Excellent material as well as Power-Point presentation."
  • "The AV and reference notebook was very well organized and will be useful in the future."
  • "A great networking opportunity."

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