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Transportation Disaster Response - Family Assistance (TDA301)


When asked if the course was informative and applicable to their work…

  • "This course answered questions I did not know I had. I am sure my organization will incorporate this information into its emergency response plan."
  • "I came to the training charged with developing a rail family assistance program without any idea of what or how to accomplish the task. I got all I needed to do the job."
  • "A tremendous relief to feel a sense of understanding of what each agency’s role is and all of the resources they bring."
  • "In addition to the internal training programs that our airline has, I feel fortunate to have now been exposed to elements that are essential to know in the event of emergency activation."
  • "Information covered the full spectrum and was thorough, essential!"
  • "I have had some training on this subject before, but still learned a great deal from these experts."
  • "It validated some things we do and we learned many new things to implement within our program. I liked the practical application, very informative and useful."
  • "I know of no other course that offers such a broad curriculum involving all of the major players in the emergency response realm."
  • "Very well structured, and great networking with other emergency response groups."
  • "A great benefit was meeting other people in the family assistance field."
  • "Very good reference material to read through and refer to later.”

When asked about the quality of the instructors…

  • "Very impressive group of instructors, not only in their depth of knowledge, but also their presentation style and willingness to share their knowledge and experiences."
  • "Absolutely the most knowledgeable group of professionals we could have expected to interface with. Each topic covered fully."
  • "Hearing from people with hands-on experience is reassuring, I felt so much better informed."
  • "Engaging, knowledgeable and informative. Instructors did an excellent job; I learned a lot more than I could have any other way."
  • "Excellent opportunities to hear first-hand of their real-life experiences. All of the instructors were extremely knowledgeable."
  • "It was a wonderful environment – fast paced, light but serious, and participant oriented, thank you! Special thanks to all NTSB staff for the sidebar discussions on breaks.”

When asked if they would recommend this course to others…

  • "Far exceeded my expectations and is extremely valuable to all personnel involved in this process."
  • "Will be recommending this course to all existing sister companies and industry partners."
  • "This course is especially relevant to a foreign carrier since it is important to understand how things work so we can coordinate our response most effectively."
  • "I am eager for others involved in our emergency response to attend this course."
  • "I will definitely be back for more training and refer others."
  • "Will encourage other staff and external partners to consider attending Training Center courses."
  • "I think everyone can gain valuable knowledge from this course. I would recommend this to others in the transportation industry."
  • "Not only is this course good for new emergency responders and planners, it's also a great refresher for all."
  • "This is the third course I have attended at the NTSB Training Center, and all three have been first rate."

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