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Survival Factors in Aviation Accidents (AS302)

Comments From Previous Participants

When asked if the course was informative and applicable to their work...
  • "Provided excellent skills and guidance to support an investigative ‘go-team’ who may work with the NTSB as a ‘party’ — and valuable, irrespective of experience level of participants."
  • "Extremely useful. I learned about the big picture involving the entire crash/ditching event: impact considerations, crew responsibilities, available equipment, case studies, etc."
  • "Prior to attending this course, I really was not in a position to go to a site. This has given me the confidence to make a difference in what I do on site."
  • "I feel much better prepared to visit an accident site as a result of this class."
  • "The actual content of the sessions, and the manner in which they were presented made this a very enjoyable, instructive and comprehensive course. As the instructors said, the nuts and bolts of it as opposed to a simple, but boring, retelling of accident survival and reconstruction. Especially for Survival Factors, this is probably the ideal way to present the topic."
  • "I wish I had been receiving this training before doing my investigations."
When asked if the instructors displayed a comprehensive knowledge of the subject…
  • "The fact that the instructors are also investigators was evident. They displayed the true first-hand knowledge that only someone from the field could convey. Everyone seemed to have their own direct expertise, and this made the class extremely exciting and informative."
  • "This was probably one of the most comprehensive workshops I’ve been to — a great selection of guest speakers."
  • "All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and all presentations were very helpful and informative."
When asked if they enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others...
  • "Definitely! Very informative and interesting. I would recommend it. Also, really enjoyed breaking up into the groups. The hands-on experience was very valuable."
  • "Very much so. Had never considered the NTSB had a role other than investigation. The course helped clarify the extent of that role and the interaction the NTSB has with other agencies."
  • "I will encourage our other cabin safety standards staff to attend this course in the future."
  • "Absolutely! The course is invaluable to anyone who may, to one degree or another, participate in a Survival Factors investigation, particularly those not receiving any other training/guidance."
  • "I have discussed sending other members to future classes as part of our instructor development program."
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